Many might assume that President Biden and Vice President Harris are focused on vaccinating the population against COVID-19 or perhaps something related to the environment and climate change. But, the Biden/Harris Administration has a different top priority—championing gender theory, or the idea that a person can change their sex and that everyone else must affirm that decision or be punished.

This would be laughable at times, like when we learned that Biden’s budget changed the word “mother” to “birthing person.” It sounds ridiculous and out-of-touch, but the truth is that gender theory is a very dangerous political agenda, especially for children. Yet, the Administration seems determined to force gender theory into every aspect of our lives and especially onto our children.

Here are just a few examples:


Just today, Biden’s Education Department released new “official” guidance that it will interpret the word “sex” in Title IX to include “gender identity.” In other words, a student can “identify” as the opposite sex at any time, for any reason.

The results for real American families? This means the end of girls’ sports, the invasion of privacy in locker rooms, and serious damage to their scholarships. It’s a pretty low blow, especially considering that Title IX’s 49th anniversary comes next week—stay tuned for more on that!

The irony is that Title IX is inherently built on sex-based distinctions. It is the federal civil rights law enacted to make sure women and girls have equal access to educational opportunities– and that requirement includes sports. To redefine Title IX so that any man can declare himself to be a woman at any time for any reason makes Title IX virtually pointless.

Read FPA’s official statement to the media about the Education Department’s new “guidance” on Title IX.


Many Americans are now familiar with this dangerous piece of legislation that President Biden labeled his top priority early on. The Equality Act would use the sweeping federal Civil Rights law to force gender theory onto the entire country, giving the same protection to a person because of their self-declared gender identity as we would because of their race.

The Equality Act would result in:

Thankfully, your voices have stopped the Equality Act from moving forward, but we expect a vote in the Senate on the bill next week!

To help, TAKE ACTION now, using our 1-minute Action Center to tell your Senator to vote NO! It is critical that this vote fails in the Senate!

To learn more, join me and our friends at The Heritage Foundation Thursday morning for “How the Equality Act’s Gender Ideology Would Harm Children.”

RSVP:  Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 10:00AM-10:30AM Eastern Time


Biden and Harris must have known that the Equality Act would be a hard-sell to American families because on his very first day in office, Biden issued an executive order mandating that all government agencies—including those that most affect us in our everyday lives, such as the Health and Education Departments—must implement his gender theory into every area of law and regulation.

Passing the Equality Act into law, especially with the filibuster still intact in the Senate, is a heavy lift. It’s much easier for President Biden to issue a power-grabbing fiat with his pen, taking a chance that the American voters may not call him on it.


The Biden/Harris Health Department also joined the “gender theory propaganda bandwagon” in a big way. The Department recently announced that it would also interpret the word “sex” in Title IX and in Obamacare to also mean “gender identity”—just like we saw today from the Education Department.

This means that healthcare professionals such as doctors, hospitals, and insurers are required to provide transgender interventions on individuals. What does this look like in practice? If a hospital is willing to perform a mastectomy on a woman who has breast cancer, then the rule will require the hospital to also perform mastectomies on women—or even young girls—who identify as transgender.  If they administer hormones for certain medical treatments, they must also be willing to administer them for teenagers seeking to “transition.”  Under the rule, professionals would be required to perform these operations even if they do not believe them to be in the patient’s best interest in their professional judgment.

It’s a very twisted rule, clearly proving the point that this agenda puts politics over people every time.

The Biden/Harris Administration’s top priority is clearly dangerous with far-reaching consequences, especially for children who are affected at schools and who are not of an age where they can truly offer informed consent for serious medical operations.

But the GOOD NEWS is, it’s not all bad news!

  1. The Biden/Harris Administration’s obsession with gender theory shows how out-of-touch they are with real American families.
  2. More and more people are speaking out boldly to say “enough is enough!” every day.
  3. Over 30 states considered legislation to #SaveGirlsSports this year, with at least 7 states passing it into law!
  4. Arkansas became the first state in the nation to protect children from experimental transgender “treatments”!
  5. There’s still time to TAKE ACTION on the Equality Act to tell your Senators to vote NO.
  6. Even the Associated Press has admitted that the states taking action against gender theory, especially to save girls sports, are stopping the Equality Act!

So, take heart! Your voice in your state and to Congress is making a difference! And, your courage to speak out boldly against harmful gender ideology is making a difference. There’s a new wave of fellow Americans and believers washing over America with a renewed sense of hope, determination, and dedication to truth.

Standing together for His glory,

Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy

This week the Department of Education has hosted a week-long hearing that included the topic of redefining “sex” in Title IX to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in national education policies.

What does this mean? We’re glad you asked! Click to watch the newest Ask Meridian video to find out more!

We want to say a big “Thank you!” to 10,000 of you who have engaged on this important issue! If you haven’t submitted a comment, TODAY is the LAST DAY to tell the Department of Education you STRONGLY OPPOSE ANY CHANGES in their education policies that redefine “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” This is a dangerous agenda, and it must be stopped. Comments must be submitted before 5:00 pm ET Today.

Click here to submit your comment NOW! We’ve provided some comments for you to use, but the more personalized you can make your comments, the better!

Family Policy Alliance testified against revising the definitions of “sex” in Title IX during this week’s public hearing at the Department of Education this week and stated,

“Every girl should have the chance to compete on a level playing field. In today’s world, that means one that is reserved just for girls. Males naturally possess physical advantages over females. This natural advantage can result in them winning titles, scholarships, and other opportunities that should be reserved for girls.”The Department of Education has a responsibility to protect women and girls, not steal their dreams.”

“…Title IX itself explicitly allows educational institutions to maintain ‘separate living facilities for the different sexes,’ indicating binary, biological sex. Of course, this makes sense in the context of private spaces like locker rooms and showers.”

“No student should be forced into an intimate setting like a restroom or locker room with someone of the opposite sex. The Department of Education should not get to determine the first time a student is exposed to a member of the opposite sex while in a state of undress.”

You can read our full testimony here.

We were grateful for other excellent voices who spoke to the Department of Education urging the Department to protect the rights of women and girls in education, sports, and to protect parental rights. Here are a few quotes from the hearing:

Title IX was enacted to protect girls from discrimination based on sex, not “gender identity.” Article 7 of The Declaration [on Women’s Sex-Based Rights], consistent with Title IX, affirms women’s rights to participate actively in sports on a single-sex basis to ensure fairness and safety for women and girls.” – Lauren Levey, steering committee member, U.S. Chapter of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign

President Joe Biden’s policy, as stated in his Executive order, fails to protect the status and dignity of women as female and is a threat to every woman in America, especially female students and athletes.  ‘Gender identity’ does not equal sex.  Therefore, it should not be used to compromise Title IX protections for women. ‘On the basis of sex’ under Title IX should be based solely on the biological truth of being male or female.” – Doreen Denny, Vice President of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America

“…the social transition of children directed by school officials should be instead considered medical treatment, because the reason for directing that behavior is usually alleged to be the mental health of the child. Only parents have the right to direct the medical treatment of students. School administrators lack the medical training and professional competency to address those needs. Medical interventions are the responsibility of the parent and the doctor of their choosingEvery child has dignity and value. Every child is born in exactly the right body. The protections enshrined in Title IX – including religious exemptions – benefit everyone just as they are.” – Meg Kilgannon, Senior Fellow for Education Studies for Family Research Council

Every American has a right to speak at these national public hearings- even if we disagree. One speaker called for the Department of Education to limit the religious exemption in Title IX in order to limit or prohibit Christian Universities from teaching or implementing Biblical principles related to sexuality.

Again, today is the LAST DAY to weigh in at this “national school board meeting” and tell the Department of Education you STRONGLY OPPOSE ANY CHANGES in their education policies that redefine “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” It is critical that the Department of Education receives your perspective on this issue—otherwise, the only voices they hear will be the ones calling for an increasingly sexualized agenda in schools and an end to religious freedom.

Thank you again for protecting women and girls in schools!

Click here to submit your comment NOW!

Standing for Families and Children,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

The Biden Administration is on a mission to erase women.

Today is International Women’s Day, but on a day that he should be celebrating women, President Biden signed two sweeping Executive Orders that undermine women across America.

How can we stop this agenda before it’s too late? Read on or click here to take action now.

The LGBT Czars

Last year, during the Presidential debates, we wrote to you about Kamala Harris’s policy dreams, including establishing a White House LGBT czar. Dubbed the “Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs”, this individual would work with agencies throughout the federal government to advance the LGBT agenda.

Today, Vice President Harris got her wish – or some version of it. Biden’s first order establishes a “Gender Policy Council”.

The New York Times has called it “the most powerful body of its kind to date.” And the Council’s co-chair described it as “not just a council,” but “a plan to take a government-wide approach to gender equity and equality.”

Leading officials and cabinet members from across the Administration will be required to participate. In education, health care, housing, and even foreign policy, the Biden Administration will use taxpayer dollars to advance the transgender agenda and “reproductive…rights” (read: abortion).

According to the new Council’s co-chair, “We are very inclusive in our definition of gender.” That’s code for “men can be women, too.”

On International Women’s Day, the President has created a Council that ERASES women.

But that’s not the only Executive Order erasing women. The second order redefines “sex” in Title IX.

Title IX is the federal law that bans sex discrimination in educational environments. It played a critical role in allowing women to finally get their own chance at sports, among other things.

But today, President Biden redefined sex in Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This change will affect schools across the nation. Practically, it means that if a male declares that he feels he is a female, he will likely be allowed to…

In other words, on a day meant to honor women, President Biden signed two executive orders that ERASE women, even handing women’s opportunities to biological men.


These changes remind us eerily of the federal Equality Act, which would introduce many of these same changes – and more – across the nation. But there are key differences between the Equality Act and the President’s Executive Orders. First, while an Executive Order can be easily undone by a new Presidential administration, a law passed by Congress cannot be. Second, Presidents, unlike Congress, aren’t supposed to develop new laws. Biden’s executive orders are his attempt to get around Congress’s lawmaking process.

President Biden has been a strong proponent of the Equality Act, promising to sign it in his first 100 days in office. His release of these policies now could reflect his awareness that the American people are strongly pushing back against the Equality Act in the U.S. Senate – and that executive orders far outside the bounds of his authority may be his best attempt at advancing a radical political agenda.

We’re encouraged by that – but we’re also reminded that we must stop the Equality Act. Biden’s Executive Orders, bad as they are, will likely be challenged in court and can be easily undone by a new president. If made law, the Equality Act could not be so easily undone.

The U.S. Senate could vote on the Equality Act any day, and we MUST make it crystal clear that Americans are opposed to it.

So please, take action today. Use our Action Center to send a message to both of your U.S. Senators. Then, spread the word to friends.

Let’s make sure that these unconstitutional Executive Orders aren’t set in stone through the so-called “Equality Act.”

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist


P.S. Please contact your Senators now. It only takes a minute in our Action Center.

Dear Friend,

If there were any doubt about the timeliness of Save Girls’ Sports Week, the Left has erased that with their latest attack – and your help is urgently needed to stop it!

As you may recall, last month President Trump’s Department of Education released a decision that a Connecticut policy allowing biological males to play in female sports violated federal law. Which law did it violate? Title IX, the federal law that made women’s sports possible at the level we have them today, and whose anniversary we’ve honored this week with Save Girls’ Sports Week. The Department’s decision was a significant step in support of female athletes.

But now Trump’s Administration, and especially the Department of Education, is under intense pressure to walk back its stand for female athletes. Why? Because, in the view of Left-wing lobbyists, the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision from last week that redefined “sex” to include “gender identity” should expand to permit boys’ (who identify as girls) to compete in girls’ sports. In fact, though, the Court (thankfully) refused to deal with other issues like girls’ sports in the Bostock decision. If Bostock were applied to girls’ sports, it would indeed have disastrous effects on women’s opportunities. The Court did not discuss girls’ sports, and we cannot let left-wing activists act as though it did.

Here’s our urgent request for you today: will you send a message to President Trump and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, thanking them for their support for female athletes and urging them to STAND STRONG?

So far, the Trump Administration hasn’t buckled, but the pressure is enormous. Your voice – combined with thousands of others – will help bolster any doubters in the Administration.

Finally, thank you for your participation in Save Girls’ Sports Week. Because of you, the #SaveGirlsSports message has spread, we’ve gathered thousands of signatures on our petition to state lawmakers, and geared up for efforts to Save Girls’ Sports in Idaho (the only state with a proactive law to protect girls’ sports) and other states. And it’s not too late to add your voice via social media if you haven’t done so yet!

But most of all today, will you take one minute to make your voice heard to President Trump and Secretary DeVos?


John Paulton

Meridian Baldacci




Did you know? A 2019 Rasmussen poll revealed that a majority of Americans oppose letting biological males play in girls’ sports. We know you’re in that majority.

But sadly, American laws and practice don’t represent that majority viewpoint. Instead, only one state in the country (Idaho) has a law ensuring girls’ sports are reserved for girls, and that law is under attack from the ACLU.

That’s why we’ve led the #SaveGirlsSports Week this week: to build awareness for the issue and highlight the voices of those who believe in fair opportunities for female athletes.

But #SaveGirlsSports is so much more than a single awareness week. At Family Policy Alliance, it’s something we’re working on year-round, in Idaho and other states.

With enough funding, we will help defend Idaho’s law, push back against the ACLU’s attempt to destroy girls’ sports, and get to work in other states to pass laws to save girls’ sports like Idaho’s. But we need your support to do that. As a non-profit ministry, we rely on the generous and sacrificial support of people like you who care about the family and who care about protecting opportunities for the next generation. It was your sacrificial support that made the victory in Idaho possible. And it will be your sacrificial support that will win future victories as well.

Would you be willing to give a sacrificial gift to help #SaveGirlsSports? Your support will help us as we work to protect girls – and fight for families on other pressing issues around the nation.

With all that’s happened for girls’ sports – and even on sex and gender issues more broadly – we have our work cut out for us. But by God’s grace, it’s a challenge we want to meet – and one we hope you’ll join us for.

Would you partner with Family Policy Alliance?


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist

Throughout high school, I competed in both cross country and track. My relay team broke our school record repeatedly, I won the 800-meter at the regional competition, and we earned spots on the podium at the state championships. The opportunity to compete, to be part of a team striving to reach the same goals, to earn a ribbon or point for my team—that made all the pre-dawn bus rides, the physical pain of training, the hours of practice every week,  the pre-race jitters, and that terrible last stretch of the 400-meter worthwhile.

My team was able to get brand new uniforms at some point during my high school career. We had locker rooms to ourselves at my school and at each school we traveled to for competitions. We always had travel allowances for away meets, and our team had just as many competitors as the boys’ team—sometimes even more.

To be honest, I never thought about it at the time, but a federal law called “Title IX” made all of this possible for me and my team. Title IX, part of a suite of civil rights laws, became law on this day in 1972. Title IX ensures that girls have the same access to educational and athletic opportunities as boys.

In other words, if I had been in high school in the 1960’s instead of the 2000’s, I may not have had the opportunity to compete in my sports at all. And even if I did, I probably would’ve had terrible uniforms (if any), no travel stipends, terrible practice schedules to accommodate the boys’ practice times, no championship opportunities, and on and on. It’s no surprise that prior to 1972, only 1 in 27 girls played sports.

Today, every 2 in 5 girls play sports—thanks to Title IX! So, on this, the 48th anniversary of Title IX, we should be celebrating. Nearly 50 years of girls having equal access to athletic opportunities and a massive increase in female athletic participation are worth celebrating! I especially should be celebrating because I now have a baby daughter, and I hope to cheer her on at her own future competitions.

But I’m not celebrating. I’m not celebrating because I’m not sure my daughter will be able to enjoy the same opportunities in athletics that I did.

Nearly 50 years of Title IX, and it seems that activists have girls’ sports on the chopping block to score a political point. They are pushing to permit boys to take spots on girls’ teams (and girls’ athletic scholarships)—if the boys “self-identify” as girls.

And in many cases, the groups leading the charge are the same groups who fought for Title IX in the first place! For example, the ACLU is leading a lawsuit in Idaho (the only state with a law reserving girls’ sports for girls) – despite their former fights to protect female athletes.

In other words, the ACLU once championed girls’ sports—now they fight to make boys girls’ sports champions.

It’s a slap in the face to Title IX and to past, present, and future female athletes of all ages. After all, if boys can simply take the place of girls on their teams, at their podiums, and in their scholarships, what’s the point of having female divisions at all? We may as well erase Title IX and go back to the 1960’s.

Clearly the ACLU and other activist groups have abandoned their decades-old fight to advance athletic opportunities for girls.

But I haven’t, and neither has Family Policy Alliance—and we know you haven’t either.

In fact, we’re at a critical cultural moment as the battle over the very definitions of “male” and female” rages. We can’t afford to lose.

So today, instead of celebrating the anniversary of Title IX, I am going to ask you to

Step 1:  Be sure to sign the #SaveGirlsSports petition—this takes less than 1 minute and goes directly to your lawmakers. Every lawmaker and court in America needs to know that we will not stand by while girls’ sports are used as a pawn in a political game!

Step 2:  Ready to do more? Join the movement on social media! Post about why girls’ sports matter to you using #SaveGirlsSports. You can also change your profile picture so that it looks like mine above with the teal #SaveGirlsSports logo: Click “update” on your profile picture, then “add frame,” and then search for the #savegirlssports frame!

For our girls—yesterday’s, today’s and especially tomorrow’s,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy

P.S. If you want to learn more about #SaveGirlsSports, check out our Save Girls’ Sports page!




Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) just kicked off Save Girls’ Sports Week early!

We told you yesterday that Save Girls’ Sports Week started on Monday – but we could not have anticipated the incredible good news we’re about to share – so we’re asking you to take action now by posting on your social media accounts with #SaveGirlsSports.

Late yesterday, the DOJ filed a brief in support of the Idaho law protecting girls’ sports we’ve been talking so much about.

The federal agency argued that Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act complies with the U.S. Constitution. Why? Because, in the words of U.S. Attorney General Barr (who gave a statement about the brief), “Allowing biological males to compete in all-female sports is fundamentally unfair to female athletes.”

We could not agree more.

Males have certain physiological advantages over women that are the entire reason we have separate girls’ sports divisions in the first place.

The DOJ’s very public recognition of this fact could not be timelier. We are at a cultural moment in this debate. Just in the last few weeks:

This is a moment that cannot wait – we must rally in support of female athletes now, when the momentum is greater than it’s ever been. Here’s what you can do now.

Please post on your social media account now using #SaveGirlsSports. Consider tagging a friend who may be interested. If you are or were a female athlete, we encourage you to share a picture or story about why it’s so important to keep girls’ sports just for girls. Not a female athlete? Please post in support of female athletes and in support of fairness. Just remember to use #SaveGirlsSports.

You can also change your Facebook profile picture to support the campaign. Add the frame to your profile picture in just three steps: Go to your profile on the Facebook app and tap “Update” on your profile picture. Then tap “Add Frame” and search for “#SaveGirlsSports”.

Don’t have social media? Already posted and want to do more? Please sign our petition to state lawmakers asking them to support laws like Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. Idaho may be the first state to Save Girls’ Sports, but it can’t be the last. Then, FORWARD this email to anyone who may want to participate in this campaign, and check out the Save Girls’ Sports webpage to find out more.

Don’t know what to post? Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

The ACLU once championed girls’ sports – now they want to turn boys into girls’ sports champions and relegate girls to spectators in their own sports. Our girls deserve better. Help us #SaveGirlsSports today!

I’m proud to be a female athlete. In girls’ sports, I enjoy competing against other women in a fair environment. The ACLU is suing to let boys play in female athletics – and that isn’t fair. Letting boys play in girls’ sports means less opportunities for girls – in their own contests. #SaveGirlsSports

Thank you to the DOJ for this welcome announcement. #SaveGirlsSports Week has begun!


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist

Save Girls’ Sports Week is in full swing, and we need your participation now. Please post today on your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using #SaveGirlsSports.

If you haven’t heard yet, Save Girls’ Sports Week is our nationwide call to support girls-only sports. Right now, Idaho is the only state with a law ensuring girls sports are just  for girls – and that law is under attack from the ACLU. We’re responding to that lawsuit in full force by calling on leaders nationwide to support laws and policies that ensure girls sports are reserved just for girls.

Here’s why: biological males have advantages like greater bone density, muscle mass, and cardiovascular capacity than girls. This remains true even after males who want to be female have undergone hormone treatment.

How big is the difference of males over females? Here are couple examples:

Let any one of those men play in women’s sports: is that fair?

Tanner doesn’t think so.

One girl in each of those races … did not get to compete because of this athlete. It’s not fair scientifically … male and female are made differently… [There are] certain races for males, and there are certain races for females, and I believe it should stay that way.”

We think so, too.

Here’s what you can do: Please post on your social media account now using #SaveGirlsSports. Consider tagging a friend who may be interested. If you are or were a female athlete, we encourage you to share a picture or story about why it’s so important to keep girls’ sports just for girls. Not a female athlete? Please post in support of female athletes and in support of fairness. Just remember to use #SaveGirlsSports.

Don’t have social media? Already posted over the weekend and want to do more? Please sign our petition to lawmakers, supporting efforts toward laws like Idaho’s. Then, FORWARD this email to anyone who may want to participate in this campaign, and check out the Save Girls’ Sports webpage to find out more.

Don’t know what to post? Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

The ACLU once championed girls’ sports – now they want to turn boys into girls’ sports champions and relegate girls to spectators in their own sports. Our girls deserve better. Help us #SaveGirlsSports today!

I’m proud to be a female athlete. In girls’ sports, I enjoy competing against other women in a fair environment. The ACLU is suing to let boys play in female athletics – and that isn’t fair. Letting boys play in girls’ sports means less opportunities for girls – in their own contests. #SaveGirlsSports

Thank you in advance for your participation, and many thanks to those who have already participated. Together, we can Save Girls’ Sports!


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist

Forty-eight years ago, next week, amendments to the Higher Education Act were passed by Congress and signed into law by President Richard Nixon. While the amendments covered many different issues within higher education, the legislation became famous for a provision known as “Title IX.” Title IX included a particular phrase that stated, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” — Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute (20 U.S. Code § 1681 – Sex)

This statement has been the basis for the vast majority of women’s sports programs in the nation today. In 1972 there were just 30,000 women participating in NCAA sports, as opposed to 170,000 men. Keep in mind that, the number of sports scholarships to college given to young men, was nearly 6 to 1.

Over the past 48 years, the number of women participating in NCAA athletic programs has multiplied five-fold. Today, more girls are able to access scholarships and other benefits associated with girls’ sports than ever before.

But all of the work to provide opportunities for girls to benefit from their own sports programs is under a threat never contemplated when the Higher Education Act was amended. Forty-eight years ago, it would have been inconceivable that a person born with male physical attributes would claim that their sex was subject to their subjective feeling rather than their objective biology.

The two sexes have physiological, psychological, and anatomical differences—many of which are self-evident even to the casual observer; some can only be seen through a microscope. Remarkably, even though both sexes share many of the same genes, some of those genes function differently in men and women. Even when a male chooses to take female hormones, it does not change that male into a female. They still retain masculine attributes no female will have.

In Wyoming this is a concept every farmer and rancher knows. When a colt is gelded, he does not become a filly. He is a gelding. He retains the musculature of a male horse and is noticeably different than a mare. Obviously, this remains true for all animals and people. When a human male takes female hormones or has a sex-change operation, he is still a male. Truth is truth. Biology is not hate speech.

That is why Idaho just passed important legislation trying to make sure that the promise of Title IX will not be washed away with boys taking over girls’ sports and winning the scholarships girls have worked so hard for. Even if those boys are taking female hormones and living their lives identifying as girls.

That is why Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is working along with our national allies in the “Save Girls Sports” campaign. I’m asking you to give a gift of any amount today to help advance pro-family causes.

I hope you will continue praying for us and our nation, and consider a gift of $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000. And, as we continue to experience delays in mail delivery caused by the virus, I hope you’ll make your gift securely online today, so your investment in our nation’s future will go to work immediately.


Nathan Winters
Executive Director

The sex and gender debate has never been hotter in the USA.

In the last three months:

Then today, a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court started playing a dangerous game. Sadly, Americans have come to expect judges who step outside their authority to act as lawmakers instead of law-interpreters. What the Court did today was worse—the justices acted as lawmakers, while spilling ink to justify to Americans that they were not.

In today’s opinion, the Court claimed that a longstanding federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in the workplace should encompass “transgender and gay identity” inside the meaning of “sex”—even though nearly everyone agrees that Congress never intended that when the law was first passed. Instead of requiring the LGBT lobby to push Congress to change the law, the Court granted them a vigilante-style shortcut.

This startling action caused Justice Samuel Alito to remark, “[a] more brazen abuse of [the Court’s] authority to interpret statutes is hard to recall.” (brackets for clarity)

This is a pivotal cultural moment – one that will decide where we go next, and one we cannot afford to lose.

LGBT activists will celebrate their win today. But, tomorrow the real work of crafting strong policy and clarity within our laws must increase like never before. The Court made clear today that their ruling only applies in the context of for-profit employment situations. That means Family Policy Alliance needs your help like never before to protect the definition of sex in other contexts, such as the law we are defending in Idaho clarifying that girls’ sports teams are only for girls. Erasing men and women from our laws would have disastrous consequences that no legal expert today could even begin to imagine. We must craft critical new policies to advance good laws, laws the courts would have a difficult time playing games with.

President Trump’s Administration is hard at work to clarify that “sex” in federal law simply means “male and female,” showing how out of sync the Court is with the reality of the law and policy. But the work can’t end there.

This must be a critical moment of action for us all. As you know, we’ve been hard at work fighting to Save Girls’ Sports in Idaho and other states. Males should not be able to steal opportunities reserved for females – including athletic opportunities. On this issue, “sex discrimination” absolutely plays a role (under a federal law similar to Title VII, Title IX) – and we must fight to ensure the true meaning of “sex” is maintained. If a ruling like today’s were imposed on Title IX, males would be allowed to take opportunities reserved for females – eradicating women’s opportunities across the nation.

We can’t let that happen. At this critical cultural moment, it’s important for leaders to know that the public believes biological sex matters, and that “sex discrimination” should not have multiple meanings. What happened today seems to be at least in part the result of cultural pressure – so it’s important that the public send a strong message for the future that biological sex matters.

If we can win that battle – where there is remarkable consensus, despite the Left’s loud claims – we can begin to win the  “sex” and “gender” battle at large.

That’s one reason we’re launching our #SaveGirlsSports Week next week – and we’re asking you to participate. From June 21-27, we’re asking everyone to post on social media using the hashtag #SaveGirlsSports. We also must send a strong message to our lawmakers now—biological sex matters in athletics, and girls’ sports must be protected!

Please join the #SaveGirlsSports campaign now. The Supreme Court’s dangerous game must stop today.


Brittany Jones
Policy manager

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist