Report Back: Your Wins for Girls’ Sports, Life and Religious Freedom

A Huge Win for Girls’ Sports … and Common Sense!

Around the country, female athletes have increasingly been the victim of transgender males—losing out on championships, scholarships and other opportunities.

Not only does this violate common sense, but it breaks with science as well. Biological males have many physiological advantages over women in sports, including greater bone density, muscle mass and cardiovascular capacity. Even when a male takes hormone suppressants, many of the advantages he gained in puberty (such as height, for example) cannot be undone.

To combat this growing trend, Family Policy Alliance worked with our allies at Family Policy Alliance of Idaho in a major, on-the-ground effort last year to pass a new law to reserve girls’ sports for biological girls. This first-in-the-nation law was the result of a massive effort—from daily lobbying in the capitol to generating thousands of phone calls and emails to legislators and the Governor.

Immediately upon passage, the ACLU sued to stop it. We helped thousands of our friends engage with the state Attorney General, who agreed to defend it, and it is currently pending in court.

And thousands of pro-family Americans spoke up to the NCAA by sending messages through the FPA Action Center, urging them to resist pressure to retaliate against Idaho by removing championship events.

Nationally, your FPA team has built momentum for spreading this victory around the country by launching a Save Girls Sports campaign that has been supported by dozens of state and national organizations and prominent female members of Congress. We have you’ll join with us in the effort to Save Girls Sports!

Winning for Life and Religious Freedom

Family Policy Alliance worked hard to protect the lives of mothers and unborn babies amidst a harmful wave of federal legislation and state executive orders during the early months of the pandemic last year.

More than 200 state legislators, including many Statesmen Academy alumni, signed onto our letter urging FDA Commissioner Hahn and HHS Secretary Azar to prevent over-the-counter or tele-health access to the abortion pill. In a separate letter, we brought together dozens of pro-family groups from across the nation to ensure our cries for life were heard in the executive branch. With your continued support, we will keep protecting innocent lives in the midst of these ongoing battles.

Family Policy Alliance was honored to be one of a small group of national organizations invited to share our thoughts on COVID response legislation with officials in Washington, D.C. In addition, the FPA team pushed back with some success on governors’ overly restrictive COVID-19 limitations on churches, helping ensure churches were included in reopening. We are thankful for these opportunities to impact federal and state policy for life, family and religious freedom.


Equipping Christian Statesmen

Even in a shutdown, most of our work to equip statesmen continued in 2020.

Statesmen Academy alumni participated in four policy calls hosted by Family Policy Foundation on Zoom during state legislative sessions. These calls are a new way to equip alumni on hot-button policy issues related to our mission. Alumni also receive monthly e-newsletters from FPF comprised of policy resources, alumni news and opportunities to engage with Family Policy Foundation to further our mission. Please visit our Statesmen Academy webpage to learn more about how the Academy is transforming our system of government from the inside.

“Called Together: A Statesmen Academy Reunion” was originally planned for 2020 in Washington, D.C. Due to COVID, it has been rescheduled to 2021. We eagerly anticipate the fellowship, equipping and engagement that will come from this first-ever alumni event.