Since Roe v. Wade, the pro-life movement has grown, changed, and innovated new ways to defend the basic human right to life for babies in the womb, while caring for the needs of their mothers.

This has been a labor of love, the work of many hands. Pro-lifers have raised their voices at all levels of government, advocating for policies that respect life. They have launched and served in pro-life pregnancy centers and in sidewalk counseling in front of abortion clinics. They have birthed ministries and vigils dedicated to praying for babies in the womb and their mothers. They have invested heavily in election work, supporting elected leaders who would be champions for life. And so much more.

Now that the tyranny of Roe has ended, the pro-life movement stands at the brink of a new phase.

In the after Roe of America:


Your pro-life vote is even more important.


Care for mothers and their babies must increase.


Our prayers and advocacy must become even bolder.


The pro-life movement must expand more rapidly.

Delve deeper into the next phase of the pro-life movement.

In partnership with the Florida Family Policy Council, we have developed a booklet outlining the five steps needed in our strategic path forward in an after Roe world.



Our friends and allies in the pro-life movement are many and diverse – giving you and your family many options to be involved with a pro-life organization.

Please consider partnering with these wonderful organizations as you are led:


Pro-Life Laws for States

Since the Roe decision in 1973, the states (not Washington, D.C.) have been leading the way in passing laws that protect the youngest lives in the womb and their mothers, regulating the profit-driven abortion industry, and revealing what really goes on in abortion facilities. Americans United for Life (AUL) has been the key leader in drafting model pro-life legislation that state policymakers can use to make their state even safer for moms and babies. AUL makes their model legislation, state policy recommendations, and more available to states on their State Legislation page — with more to come in a post-Roe America!



Electing Pro-Life Leaders and Advancing Pro-life Policy

Pro-life laws only pass when Americans are equipped to elect pro-life leaders. Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) is the leading organization when it comes to the hard work of getting pro-life lawmakers — especially women — elected. Once those lawmakers are in office, SBA List also works hard to ensure they are equipped to advocate for pro-life policies and defeat policies that line the pockets of the abortion industry. Check out the great work of SBA List, especially around the Dobbs case, today!


Marching for Life

The annual March for Life is held every January in Washington, D.C. and has become the largest human rights demonstration in the world. Tens of thousands of pro-lifers join together to celebrate life and send a powerful message to elected leaders in the Capitol. The national annual March is hosted by our friends and allies at March for Life. March for Life has also helped launch several state marches for life. Plan to attend the 2022 March for Life, “Equality Begins in the Womb” in January!


Protecting Life Through the Power of Video

Live Action was started by Lila Rose when she was only 15 and has grown to a video and digital powerhouse in the pro-life movement. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, Live Action reveals the humanity of the preborn and exposes the abortion industry exploiting women and families for profit. Their undercover videos have exposed some of the darkest secrets of Planned Parenthood and led to many efforts to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. Check out two of their latest campaigns. Project 2363 represents the 2363 lives lost to abortion every day with a goal of educating others about abortion to change hearts and minds. Baby Olivia tells the beautiful story of life inside the womb—for all to see.


Aiding Pregnant & Parenting Young Women

The Pro-Life Generation supports pregnant and parenting women. Our friends and allies at Students for Life of America, through their Standing With You Initiative, educate women about their rights on campus and in the workplace and help to make them aware of the free, local, nonviolent pregnancy resources available to them nationwide. These resources include healthcare, food assistance, housing, childcare, and more.

Through the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, SFLA works to directly reduce abortion in our cities using tried-and-true grassroots efforts to reach community members; promote local, nonviolent alternatives to abortion; share resources; and showing cities that the Pro-Life Generation is embedded in their communities, ensuring no one feels alone during an unexpected pregnancy.


Ultrasounds Save Lives

When Roe v. Wade was decided, the ultrasound technology we have today didn’t exist. We now know that when we give mothers an opportunity to actually see their babies through the blessing of this “window to the womb,” lives are saved! Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound program has already saved nearly a half a million babies with a vision to see one million alive by 2025! Check out Option Ultrasound today!


Pregnancy Resource Centers for Moms

The availability of pregnancy resource centers to provide critical help to mothers has been a game-changer in the fight for life, giving them another option to turn to besides Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) represents 1500 pregnancy centers across the country — find one to partner with in your area on their directory. NIFLA has also been through a long legal battle defending their right to prolife speech and pro-life services where they ultimately prevailed at the Supreme Court!


Defending Life in Court

It’s no surprise that over the years pro-lifers have faced many challenges to their rights and beliefs. Their right to speak freely about being pro-life or even being forced to refer out for or advocate for abortions against their beliefs have been significant problems. Healthcare professionals have faced being required to provide or assist in providing abortions — or else losing their careers. And, good prolife laws have certainly been challenged in court. Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for the rights of pro-lifers in court — a critical component in the fight for life.

ADF also provides excellent legal analysis on the types of pro-life laws that are critical to understand for our nation after Roe, as well as answers on what we can expect the legal landscape to look like if Roe v. Wade is overturned.


Medical Experts Standing for Life

It is absolutely critical for America to have medical professionals who will boldly take a stand for life — providing care from a perspective that honors human life, refusing to participate in abortions, explaining the miracle of how life is formed and developed in the womb, and testifying to the medical science behind good prolife laws. These outstanding professional organizations have long been friends and partners of Family Policy Alliance.


American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG)

AAPLOG’s position statements take a clear, pro-life stand, equipping OBGYNs around the country to boldly stand for life. They also make it easy to find a pro-life OBGYN in your area or even a pregnancy care center with their pro-life directory.


American College of Pediatricians (ACPEDs)

ACPEDs takes a strong stand for life with their position statements and also equips pediatricians and parents in understanding the risks to adolescents and young people (and their future children) that come with abortion. They also highlight the need for parental involvement when it comes to big decisions like abortion.


Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA)

CMDA connects Christian medical professionals and enables patients to search for a Christian healthcare professional — search their Member page today. They also provide their members with a strong pro-life position statement based on historical, biblical, and medical science perspectives — including excellent information through their Standards4Life resources.


Biblically Based Advocacy for Life

For Christ-followers, advocating for the sanctity of human life is critically important — but they want to make sure they do so in the right way and based on the Truth in Scripture. Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council has been equipping believers to do this since 1983. They provide biblical principles for prolife engagement, critically analyze important pro-life issues, and even help pro-lifers understand their state’s current laws on key pro-life policies.


Praying for Life

Building a stronger, more prolife America both now and after Roe does not happen without the Lord’s intervention and dedication in prayer. 40 Days for Life has been leading the prayer movement to end abortion since the first “40 Days for Life” campaign in 2007. They make it easy for you to find a 40 Days for Life vigil for you to join in your community on their map.


Women Making a Grassroots Impact in the States

Women’s voices are powerful when it comes to protecting life. Concerned Women for America (CWA) has been critical in connecting, training, and equipping women to be leading voices for life in their states and resonating in Washington, D.C. Partner with CWA as they rally women to take a stand for life around the critical Dobbs case and in their ongoing grassroots efforts in the states even after Roe.


Protecting Life in Party Platforms

For decades, Eagle Forum has supported the sanctity of human life as a gift from our Creator. The pro-family organization’s founder, Phyllis Schlafly, was instrumental in solidifying a pro-life plank in the Republican Party’s platform and established RNC for Life. Since then, Eagle Forum has continued those efforts at every Republican National Convention, advocated for pro-life laws at the state and federal levels, and endorsed candidates that vow to uphold life at every stage through Eagle Forum PAC.