The last 49 years have been marked by a battle for the simple dignity of human life. Just because Roe has been overturned does not mean our work is over. In fact, in many states, the work has only just begun.


Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the issue of abortion will return to the states. That means that each state will have to decide for itself: are we a pro-life state?

We hope for a day when the answer to that question will be a resounding “yes” in all 50 states. But even with Roe now overturned, many states are not pro-life – some far from it.

Even in states where the laws prevent abortion, abortion activists can be expected to push more than ever to undo those good laws and keep abortion in your state.


After Roe, you have the power to make your state a pro-life state in a way you’ve never had since 1973.

If you live in a state that has radical abortion policies, your leaders will have no more excuse, no chance to blame Roe for an extreme stance on abortion. It will be up to those leaders to take responsibility for your state’s policies and work to make it more pro-life. And if your leaders decide to take the lives of their own citizens? Your pro-life vote to hold them accountable will matter more than ever.

If you live in a state that cherishes life and has already reached Roe’s glass ceiling for protecting the unborn, you will have the opportunity to shatter that ceiling and advance life issues like never before.

And in all states, there will be many other ways to protect life…

With your help, your state can:

Support moms and babies before and after birth.

Create a robust foster and adoption environment.

Bring hope and healing to families in your state.


Imagine a state – a nation, even – without abortion. A nation where each precious life is truly cherished. Where children are given a chance to breathe their first breath, and where moms and families are offered hope and healing, not death and darkness. A nation of life.

Now, imagine yourself making that possible.

Can you see it? We can.


Here’s how you can help make the vision turn into reality.


Get involved — now — in your state’s fight for life to end Roe.


Help your state get ready for the world after Roe.


Make your state a place where life is cherished throughout its laws.

Find out what the next pro-life step is in your state, and learn how you can use your skills and interest to make a difference, when you complete our Personal Pro-Life Profile!

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