The Power of Prayer

July 19

As Christians, we are commanded to pray. It says in Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” While we are certainly acquainted with this verse, I still think we often underestimate the power of prayer. I know I have.

There have been thousands of pages written over the centuries on how to pray, including over 300 references to prayer in the bible (KJV). However, it’s really very simple. Prayer is talking to God. There are obvious times that we do this: before meals, as part of a prayer group, asking for intercession in a particularly tough situation with a family member or friend, etc. Our family has even adopted the habit of praying when we pass a car accident, asking God to watch over the victims involved. We have experienced first-hand over the years that our Heavenly Father listens to us and acts on our prayers in amazing ways.

What would happen if we prayed for policies and laws that shape our everyday lives? Legislation is being created and signed into law that directly affects your ability to live out your biblical values. If we prayed for these activities, do we truly believe that the power of prayer would make a difference?

At Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota, we are committed to letting you know about bills and situations that need your prayer, and we will continue to undertake this important role.  However, we also covet your prayers as an organization. I ask for you to pray for wisdom and resources as we fight for your pro-life and pro-family values in multiple venues with many different types of people. I ask for your prayers on behalf of our political leaders and their wisdom and bravery to stand for what’s right during our legislative session.  Finally, we ask for your prayers during this election season.  May we elect God-fearing candidates who seek to integrate their faith into the political arena, something we teach at our Statesman Academy.  Prayer changes things – even in the political arena. Let’s never presume to limit our Father and what He can do for us, His children, if we call upon His name.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


P.S. We could use your help volunteering to reach out to voters encouraging them to vote for Godly men and women to represent North Dakota in national and state offices. The days and times are flexible and you can help us at our election headquarters in Fargo or even from your own home. If you want to know more about serving in this capacity, please reach out to Janelle Steinberg, our ND Elections Field Director, at or by phone at 701-251-0979. Thank you for your willingness to protect our family values at the polls!