Thanks a Million! Your Impact Hits Huge Milestone.

May 19

Your voice makes a difference. At Family Policy Alliance, we believe that and are committed to helping you speak up on key local, state and national battles.

And you have done so in a huge way! Last week, you hit a million – a million messages sent to public officials through the Family Policy Alliance Action Center.

But what’s more exciting than that big number is the impact it represents. To help you get a sense of that, let me share with you a bit of the birds-eye view that I enjoy.

I’m privileged to work with and hear from pro-family leaders around the country. They keep us informed and give us perspective on which issue battles are especially important – and where the voice of the people could make a difference.

That’s on the front end. But the back end is where it gets especially exciting. That’s when we hear from allies in state capitols about the impact that you made with your emails, calls or other engagement.

It might be a key state senator making comments in his office about the huge flood of emails he got in support of a bill, and it’s clear from the details that they are talking about your emails through our Action Center.

Or a state representative may comment in a committee hearing about the overwhelming number of calls she received on a particular bill – right after we completed a major calling campaign in her district.

When you send a message through our Action Center or make a phone call, you often don’t know what the impact is. I’m here to tell you that, combined with the actions of others, your messages often make a profound difference.

  • At the national level, those combined numbers can be enormous. For example, during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, FPA supporters like you sent more than 46,000 messages to U.S. senators, with a heavy emphasis on key swing senators.
  • But the bulk of our alerts are at the state level. While the numbers are naturally far smaller, the impact is often even bigger. Take last year’s battle against a major abortion expansion in New Mexico. It was the governor’s top priority, and it looked certain to pass. But FPA supporters there sent 15,000 messages and made countless phone calls – getting the attention of lawmakers in a huge way. Eight Democrat legislators joined with Republicans in sending that bill to a shocking defeat!

I could go on with examples from state after state.

And even when a legislator or congressman votes the wrong way, there can still be positive impact. For one, they may become less vocal as they realize how many of their constituents take the other side on an issue. For another, as you share the alerts with others and they take action, they become more aware of where their politicians really stand, increasing the chances of holding them accountable at the next election.

So truly, thanks a million! Together, let’s keep up the impact!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager