PLEASE READ THIS: Social Media Won’t Let Us Talk to You!

January 29

Twitter just blocked our friends at Focus on the Family from one of their accounts, and they need your help!

As you know, Family Policy Alliance was born from Focus on the Family, and we remain their close ally and public policy partner. We could not sit by when Twitter’s censorship machine decided that Focus would be their next victim.

What was their supposed crime? Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen Twitter account posted a tweet identifying Assistant Health Secretary nominee Rachel Levine (a man who identifies as a woman) as a biological male.

For stating that fact, Twitter blocked Focus on the Family from their own account!

The reality is, if stating a simple and biological fact is cause for censorship—then all of us will be censored.

It’s time to draw the line. Will you join us?

Family Policy Alliance sent out the following tweet in Focus on the Family’s defense today, challenging Twitter: Are We Next?

All day today, friends who are fellow believers, friends who hardly agree with us on anything but value our friendship and open dialogue, friends of all different faiths, members of Congress, and friends from like-minded organizations like Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, American College of Pediatricians, and more, joined us with the same message to Twitter:  Are We Next?

We’re also building a growing list of organizations of multiple faiths – or no faith at all – to send a message to Twitter.

But, Focus on the Family needs your help too! Will you join in our petition to Twitter?

It’s important that Twitter hears from us—they’ve crossed a line. If they want to censor the spread of pornography and child trafficking, we will stand with them. If they want to censor biological fact, free speech, and the open debate of ideas, we won’t.

Sign the petition to Twitter now and stand with Focus on the Family!

Thank you for your help!

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy



P.S. Since there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to reach you and likeminded friends on social media, please be sure to take a moment to read our email updates. And would you mind forwarding this email to some friends, too? Again, Twitter and Facebook may censor any notices we send out to likeminded followers and friends!