Update From The Legislature

February 4

Wyoming has launched the 2021 General Session of the Wyoming Legislature, but the launch was different than any other Legislative beginning in our state’s history. On January 12, the session was officially gaveled in remotely with our Governor addressing the state through the internet. The session then adjourned until January 27 for a 3-day session where they discussed the Committee bills they worked through this past year.

Each committee is meeting remotely to work on various committee bills. This provides a great opportunity for many people who are interested in participating in a committee hearing but have never been able to travel to Cheyenne. Now, you can attend hearings online through this link.

At this stage in the process, there are several committees we follow closely because legislation dealing with Life, Religious Freedom, and Family issues are usually assigned to them.

  1. The Judiciary Committee.
    Bills relating to all three core issues can be found in the Judiciary Committee. That is because Judiciary deals with the specifics of how those issues interact with the law and the courts.
  2. The Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee.
    Almost all bills relating to life and abortion will go through the House and Senate “Labor” committees. The committee addresses broad issues relating to end-of-life care and the care of the pre-born.
  3. The Education Committee
    This committee is where the many of the vital issues regarding the future of our state are discussed. Issues such as school choice and parental rights in education are usually referred to this committee.

As you watch these committees at work, pray for them in their deliberations. Pray that timeless truths would be spoken in such a way that even those who do not believe in the Bible would see the wisdom found in the believers advocating for its truth.

Many of the bills we are interested in the most will be introduced after the Legislature begins to meet in person in March. Know that we will be paying attention and keeping you up-to-date as the session continues.

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May God bless you as we serve Him together.

Nathan Winters
Executive Director