SOUTH DAKOTA: Ask Governor Noem to Save Girls’ Sports!

March 16

Kudos to South Dakota legislators for passing a third-in-the-nation bill to protect female athletes from President Biden’s agenda! Now, as Governor Noem “evaluates” the bill, please encourage her to follow through with her initial promise to quickly sign it.

It’s Women’s History Month, and the Biden Administration is celebrating by calling for at least four radical policy changes since taking the oath of office that would erase women. He’s signed three executive orders changing the definition of sex to mean that any man can declare he’s a woman at any time, without any evidence or medical intervention, and for any length of time. And, worst of all, he’s declared that the Equality Act. H.R. 5, is his top priority. The so-called Equality Act would codify his new definition of sex into federal civil rights law, making it unlawful in nearly every circumstance to disagree with him on whether a man can become a woman.

Thankfully, over half of the states, including South Dakota, are pushing back. Legislation to save girls’ sports is advancing in several states, and the bill in South Dakota sits on Governor Noem’s desk awaiting her signature. If she signs, South Dakota will reserve girls’ sports for only girls—and send a strong message to President Biden and his political funders.

Ask Governor Noem to sign the bill today!

California has had laws similar to what President Biden wants to bring to the nation for a while, which explains why so many families and businesses are getting out of dodge. But in South Dakota, we are ready to preserve athletic opportunities for our daughters.

In the 1970’s, only one in 27 girls played sports. Today, after Title IX was passed ensuring equal opportunities in education and athletics for girls, 2 in 5 girls play sports. What’s more, 80% of female Fortune 500 executives played competitive sports at one point in their lives.

The nation needs South Dakota’s strong stand against a political agenda that seeks to rehash antiquated conversations about whether females truly deserve a place in sports. But more importantly, our daughters need our strong stand to preserve their athletic opportunities and the leadership and life lessons that grow from them.

Here’s how you can help:  Ask Governor Noem to sign the save girls’ sports bill into law today! It only takes 1 minute in our action center.


For South Dakota’s girls,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy


P.S. I ran track in high school and loved it. I checked out South Dakota’s 2019 state track championship results and saw something incredible. In the class AA 800-meter dash (my favorite race), the fastest girl from Sioux Falls O’Gorman was still 7.26 seconds behind the slowest boy from Brandon Valley. In fact, in all the races I used to run (400-meter dash finals, 1600-meter run finals, 3200-meter run), the class AA fastest girl couldn’t have beat the slowest class AA boy. South Dakota’s girls deserve a level playing field with their own athletic competitions, scholarships and opportunities!

Ask Governor Noem to save girls’ sports today!