Make Rhode Island Family Friendly Again!

September 1, 2021

It used to be that “family friendly” was part of many advertising campaigns, but it is rarely used today. Could it be that we have forgotten what it means to be a “family” in today’s postmodern culture? The postmodern mind re-defines things, and often the end product no longer looks anything like the original nor does it function as well. I would venture to say this has been the case with the redefining of the American family.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Britannica/Merriam Webster definition of family was something I could still identify with: “At its most basic, a family consists of an adult and his or her offspring. Most commonly, it consists of two married adults, usually a man and a woman (almost always from different lineages and not related by blood) along with their offspring, usually living in a private and separate dwelling. This type of unit, more specifically known as a nuclear family, is believed to be the oldest of the various types of families in existence.”

Many in recent years have tried to remake the family with variations of all kinds: two women, two men, a biological man and a man who believes he is a woman, a biological woman and a woman who believes she is a man. I think you get the picture; it would seem there are endless possibilities in today’s postmodern world. Also, did you know that men can get pregnant today and bear children? That is, provided the man is a biological woman who believes she is a man. Massachusetts, ever the pacesetter, has gone further: two cities in that state have changed the allowed number of participants in a marriage from two to three, adding further damage to the family.

These experiments in redefining the family – and the very idea of our God-given sex – have left a lot of collateral damage and gender confusion in America’s youth. Today, some young people struggle with gender identity disorder – a discomfort with one’s biological sex and a strong desire to appear as the other sex. It is real and affecting young people in tragic ways.

When a young person is struggling to embrace their biological sex, they may need real and loving help in order to reconcile with their God-given body.

Instead, many children are pushed toward dangerous hormones and surgeries.

These hormone treatments and the surgeries don’t deliver the kind of peace and contentment they promise, and America’s children are suffering the consequences. It’s time, with God’s help, to stop the experimentation and help our children. That is why the Family Policy Alliance is launching a new initiative: Help Not Harm.

It’s our vision to protect America’s children from dangerous transgender interventions and offer them real help instead. Please join us by visiting our website to learn more, sign a petition to leaders, and spread the word. “Transition” is dangerous, and it can have irreversible consequences. It’s time to stop subjecting our children to it. Will you be part of the solution?

Click here to sign our petition NOW, then help spread the word by forwarding this email and posting on social media using hashtag #HelpNotHarm.

Time is of the essence: our kids are in danger. Will you join the fight to protect them?

For Faith and Family in Rhode Island,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


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