Revival of the Vision: A Note from our New Executive Director

November 18

Dear Friends:

Four years ago, a vision was born for a New Mexico where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. With great hope, grace and determination, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico has worked diligently toward this vision by promoting good public policy; equipping pastors and church leaders to be active citizens; engaging in government on behalf of our Biblical values; and raising the funds needed to support our efforts. Under the prior leadership of Vince Torres, we have made great strides in having a real effect in the Land of Enchantment.

During the 2019 legislative session we saw the radical abortion bill, HB51, defeated in the Senate. We stood as an advocate for seven-year-old Twila as her family fought to pass “Simon’s Law”.  We celebrated as the Assisted Suicide bill, HB90, was tabled in the House. We continued to play significant roles as thousands of New Mexicans rallied for life, Charter School moratorium and enrollment cap efforts failed, and the Hypersexualized Sex Education Bill was defeated!

The 2020 legislative session brought its own set of victories as well as we defeated attempts to pass anti-life legislation and helped pass protections for pregnant women in the workforce. Each of these victories has driven us forward in our vision of a greater New Mexico, and they have spoken loudly and clearly that we will not stand by and watch our state freedoms and families deteriorate at the hands of those who would seek to destroy them. It is in the inspiration of these victories and the reality of the continued battle ahead that I am honored to hold the position as the new Executive Director for Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico. Please, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Jodi Hendricks. As a native New Mexican, I was raised in Albuquerque by my parents who instilled in me the values of faith, freedom and family. After high school, I attended Bob Jones University in South Carolina, where I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in writing and speech. I later earned a master’s degree in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University. While attending Bob Jones University, I met my wonderful husband, Michael, and we’ve now been married over 14 years. We have 4 beautiful children – Isabella, Tristen, Lilly, and Addyson – and we have made our home in Albuquerque where I have worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for several years.

In 2020, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our children. A bit more transparency here… If you had spoken to me even five years ago about the possibility of homeschooling my kids, I would have laughed. I never wanted to be, nor imagined myself as a homeschool mom. But, as our children have gotten older, I have become more keenly aware of how federal, regional and local politics affect our family unit. As my parental rights began to be threatened in the classroom and my children’s education began to be bombarded by a liberal agenda, the choice to homeschool was an easy one. That simple choice to protect my family, my faith, and my freedoms has been an incredible journey. But it is a journey that not everyone has the opportunity or means to embark upon.  Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico stands in the gap. In the past, our family has partnered with Family Policy Alliance both at the national level and in the state of New Mexico. We have seen and experienced first-hand what it is to fight, not only for our family, but for the families of all New Mexicans.

2021 has been a difficult year for Biblical values in New Mexico policy. As many of you know, we have gone nearly a year without a physical presence in New Mexico as our fearless founder, Vince, has continued his journey of affecting change through new opportunities. It is here and now that I pick up the mantle of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico and lift my voice in response to the call to defend our faith, families, and freedoms.

Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting our vision. I look forward to a continued partnership with you as we gain full momentum in our active presence in the fight for New Mexico’s religious freedoms, thriving families and cherished life.

In His service and for His glory,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico