A Special Message from Our CEO to YOU (and a sneak peek)

November 23, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

For everything that needs fixing in our nation today, there remains a whole lot for us to be thankful for.

Today, we are thankful for the amazing network of Believers and friends who take action on critical issues in our Action Center, volunteer, donate and participate in our education courses through Family Policy Alliance and Family Policy Foundation.

In other words—we are thankful for you.

To the secular, far Left thought leaders, this was their year to launch an all-out assault on the families holding firm to God, their marriage, their children and their rights as parents. They expected to close the chapter on the American family by eliminating our religious freedom and erasing gender. They demeaned mothers by reducing them to “birthing vessels” and turned our kids in public schools over to radical sexualization and “critical race theory.”

But, they didn’t expect what happened next.

Parents just like you and me pushed back. We rose up, spoke up and then we showed up in the elections. We made a difference, and we have started something big.

And it is just beginning.

  • Parents are mobilizing for 2022 like never before, and we are thankful that you are helping Family Policy Alliance serve these families well.
  • We are thankful for the bills we helped pass at the state level (more than 200!) to protect life, religious liberty, families, parents and children – but there is more to do.
  • We are grateful that we get to live and work through a time when we might finally overcome Roe v. Wade and the dark mark it has been on our nation since 1973. And ,we are so very grateful the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a challenge to Roe just next week!

Yes, there is a lot to be thankful for. Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Spirit, for your guidance. Thank you for all your help in this most challenging year. We are blessed to have your support and prayers and want to share our support and prayers for you this Thanksgiving.

Many Blessings,

Craig DeRoche





P.S. Speaking of Roe v. Wade and next week, we are also very excited to share with you about a new prolife campaign you made it possible to launch. The big reveal happens next week, but because we are so thankful for you, I wanted to give you a hint this Thanksgiving week. This new campaign will focus on the next chapter in protecting life in America. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 Million American lives and counting. They didn’t know about ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible prolife movement that would rise up. But now they do.




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