Can we count on your voice?

December 9

Dear Friends,

In this week’s special legislative session we are seeing conservative voices fighting to bring back accountability in New Mexico government and it is something beautiful to behold. When a voice is heard, hearts and minds can be affected.

As I continue making connections and having conversations with conservatives of New Mexico, I find a common thread. There’s a deep-rooted desire to be heard. For too long our voices have been drowned out by the shouts and chaos of anti-life, anti-family and anti-God voices. The common sentiment in this silence is frustration and discouragement. As we continue to re-launch FPA here in New Mexico, our goal is to STOP BEING SILENCED and be a voice for you.

We’ve been that voice before in the form of:

  • Community and legislative involvement in Pro-life victories
  • Fighting Assisted Suicide legislation
  • Protecting conservative values and rights in education
  • Protecting pregnant women in the workforce
  • And more…

Will you entrust us with the honor of being your voice by supporting us?

December is a valuable time in our organization. We are hard at work raising funds in preparation for the upcoming legislative session, creating educational material to inform New Mexico’s citizens of vital issues, gearing up for the coming election season and so much more! But, we cannot do it without you.

Anti-life groups gain millions of dollars in support each year…but we have an army of millions and we will prevail!

Can we count on your voice?

Donate now to keep our voices from being silenced.


Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director