April 16, 2021



Court Packing Scheme Would Politicize Court and Endanger Families 

Attempts to change the rules should be dismissed. 

(Colorado Springs, Co. April 16, 2021) – Yesterday, Congressional Democrats introduced legislation to expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices. This effort is aimed at politically “balancing” the court after former President Donald Trump was able to successfully appoint 3 justices to the high court.

Autumn Leva, Vice President for Strategy at Family Policy Alliance, offered the following statement: 

The Supreme Court doesn’t play for either political team. They wear robes, not jerseys. Congressional Democrats attempting to change the number of justices because they disagree with certain policy outcomes is akin to a major football team rewriting the NFL rules in their favor any time they dislike how a game turned out.

Allowing one political party in Congress to remake the Court whenever they disagree with its decisions would make the Court more political than ever. It would give Congress – a body that can barely do its own job most days– control over two of the three branches of our national government. And, it would seal the court’s fate as just another political body to be run by the richest and most powerful, not governed by the rule of law our founders painstakingly created in the Constitution.”

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