August 25, 2023

RESULTS: DeSantis Polls Higher Among Social Conservative

Plus, 98% of social conservatives believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction

Family Policy Alliance has released the results of the Social Conservative Straw Poll from summer 2023. On the heels of the first 2024 presidential debate, the poll reveals a united front on the issues – and a closer Trump/DeSantis divide than among other voter groups. In total, 14,870 self-identified social conservatives participated in the poll.

Key results:

  • DeSantis is polling higher among social conservatives than other voting groups – and is drawing more social conservatives compared with other Trump-alternative candidates.
    • 55% said that if the election were held today, they would vote for former President Donald Trump. 32% supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The next-closest candidate was Senator Tim Scott, with 5% of the vote.
    • The average divide in other polls has Trump at 51.6% and DeSantis at 14.8%.
  • Nearly 98% said they believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction
  • 91% confirm that abortion should never be legal or should only be allowed up to 6 weeks (when a heartbeat can be detected).

Craig DeRoche, President and CEO for Family Policy Alliance responded to the results:

“At a time when mainstream media wants to build a narrative of division among conservatives, the truth is that social conservative voters are united on the issues that matter most.

“As one of the nation’s largest voting blocs, social conservatives carry significant weight on election day. And what the data tells us is this: conservatives are tired of the woke agenda and ready to protect human life at all stages.”

Family Policy Alliance serves as a convener for the social conservative movement. This year, the organization hosted the inaugural Social Conservative Conference (SoConCon) for state and national leaders, and launched SoConReport.com (an aggregator of news relevant to social conservative readers). Family Policy Alliance plans to poll social conservatives again as the 2024 general election draws nearer.

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


Family Policy Alliance advances biblical citizenship and promotes public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.


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