August 21, 2020

Family Policy Alliance Names First-Ever “All-Star” Award Winners

The award winners represent the best pro-family states and legislative efforts of 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Family Policy Alliance – a pro-family ministry – today announced its 2020 “All-Star” award winners, awarded to the best pro-family states and legislative efforts of 2020. This follows last week’s “Donkey Awards,” “awarded” to the most concerning and bizarre of the year’s legislation.

The All-Star Awards recognize legislation and states that accomplished significant pro-family work, whether by promoting new safeguards and opportunities for families or by preventing harmful policies in the state.

Meridian Baldacci, Policy and Communications Strategist at Family Policy Alliance, said of the awards:

“This year, we saw work in states to affirm life, promote educational opportunity, and preserve fairness in girls’ sports, just to name a few of the pro-family efforts that took place throughout the nation. With the All-Star Awards, we seek to recognize the hardworking people in each state who made these policies happen! Some of them were faced with a tough slate, but they chose to continue standing up and showing up on behalf of families in their states and elsewhere– and that is something worth celebrating.”

The top award, “Most Pro-Family State of the Year,” went to Idaho in recognition of four new laws: ensuring girls’ sports are reserved for biological girls, requiring hospitals to get parental consent before removing life-sustaining care from a child, preventing changes to the important biographical and biological information captured on birth certificates, and beginning to issue “Choose Life” license plates (with part of the fee going toward a state-based pro-life organization).

“Defensive Player of the Year” was awarded to New Mexico for the work of individuals in the state who stood strong to combat policy agendas that would have hurt families in the state. Policies they prevented included: codifying elective abortion up to birth (one of the Governor’s top priorities, which pro-family advocates successfully kept off the legislative agenda), introducing assisted suicide legislation, and legalizing recreational marijuana.

“Offensive Player of the Year” was given to Tennessee for it’s work to defend the vulnerable, particularly children in the womb (preventing abortions of infants with a detectable heartbeat), teen victims of sexual abuse (preventing abortionists from overlooking their abuse), and children in failing schools or underserved communities (expanding the state’s Education Savings Account program to give those children the opportunity to attend better-performing schools).

The full list of awards can be found here. Other awards and awardees include the “Best Team Effort” (New Jersey), “Never Back Down” award (Virginia), “Best Playbook” (awarded to “Heartbeat Laws” like Tennessee’s), “MVP Law” (awarded to Idaho’s new “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”), and “Best Interception Bill (awarded to the 29 bills introduced to protect children from devastating “sex change” operations).

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Family Policy Alliance works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.


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