July 2023
West Palm Beach, Florida

Important notes before you apply:

The Statesmen Academy is designed for state legislators early in their career who endeavor to serve Christ through public service. For one week each summer, legislators gather for an intensive series of foundational classes, practical training, and case studies in prudent policy-making and spiritual strength. The Statesmen Academy is not a campaign training program. Its purpose is to train men and women in Christian statesmanship and the art of effective, Christ-centered public service.

The Statesmen Academy is run by Family Policy Foundation (FPF), a Christian ministry and the educational arm of Family Policy Alliance. Thanks to the generosity of ministry partners, FPF pays all onsite expenses for participants and participant spouses including meals and lodging. Participants and participant spouses are responsible for their own travel to the Statesmen Academy.

Please direct any questions to the Statesmen Academy by emailing

Apply to the 2023 Statesmen Academy HERE.

“From day one, I was getting solid ‘meat,’ and real and critical thought about my role as a legislator.”


The 2022 Statesmen Academy Class