NEW MEXICO – Urgent Alert: Take action to protect NM elections!

February 15


Dear Friends,

This week the radical left of the New Mexico Senate is trying to pass Senate Bill 8, a bill that threatens to undermine our voting and election process.

Please, urge your Senator to OPPOSE SB 8 to protect the integrity of New Mexico’s election process.

If passed, SB 8 will:

  • Create a permanent absentee voter system, allowing opportunity for voter fraud
  • Add felons to the eligible voter rolls
  • Allow for same-day voter registration, with less opportunity to verify voter eligibility

No matter what party affiliation one may be, everyone can agree that making New Mexico vulnerable to fraud in the election process is unacceptable.

In a time when trust in the election process is waning, we should be working to bring unity to our state. Sen. Gregg Schmedes, who is currently working with fellow legislators to block this bill says, “SB 8 potentially delegitimizes our election process and opens up our elections to voter fraud unnecessarily.” An undermined election process is a divisive act that will only serve as a detriment to New Mexico.

If you wish to protect the integrity of our election process, urge your Senator to OPPOSE SB 8 by clicking on our Action Center today!

For Integrity,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director