National Family Policy Initiative Introduced in Washington, DC

June 3

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, the largest conservative caucus in the U.S. House, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) led by Rep. Jim Banks (R—IN) an alum of our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, released their Family Policy Initiative, articulating ten policy principles designed to restore the American family.

Under the current Administration, American families are struggling. Parents are being forced to defend their rights and fight radical ideologies in their children’s schools. Female athletes are being forced to give up their opportunities to males in favor of a political agenda. And preborn children are not yet fully protected under the law.

American families deserve better.

Family Policy Alliance strongly supports the RSC’s Family Policy Initiative. It is rare to see Congress focus on the problem, instead of just a symptom, in America. This Initiative is foundational in rebuilding an America where families flourish, and we congratulate the RSC for focusing on the root causes of what is ailing our country.

Read more about the RSC’s Family Policy Initiative here—which includes a strong pro-life plank. This is especially timely with the Supreme Court likely poised to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer.

Parents who take on the responsibility of raising their children together are among the most selfless of Americans. We urge Congress to implement policies aligned with this vision, and we look forward to the day when America’s families do not just survive but thrive once again.

For the family,

Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm,
Public Policy Director