Under God One Nation – Here’s What We Are Praying About

August 11

Every day it seems our nation encounters a different cultural crossroad with new challenges and issues that run counter to pro-life, pro-family values. At times it seems overwhelming to consider the sheer number of things that we could be praying about.

We here at Family Policy Foundation continue in prayer for our nation as we know you do as well. It has been a while since our last update and we wanted to provide the following new/renewed, prayer points that have been on our minds. These are in addition to numerous other economic, political and cultural matters facing our nation.


We have all seen in the past 24 hours the immense, sudden and complete devastation of local wildfires in Hawaii. Please join our staff in prayer especially for those individuals who have tragically lost loved ones. We also pray for comfort as many endure the difficulty that lies ahead for after having lost everything – businesses, homes, livelihoods…entire neighborhoods – in these intense and sudden fires.

We pray for God’s comfort for all of those affected by this time of devastating loss.

School is Starting

Please join us in prayer for students and teachers as they head back to classrooms (some already there) to begin a new school year. In particular, we are praying that students would be safe and cared for during their time at school. That there would be godly influences interacting with them daily and that harmful agendas would be restrained.

We pray for informed and active parents who are involved in the education of their children and who will also guard their hearts from any misleading and destructive messaging they might encounter in their classrooms, locker rooms, libraries or lunchrooms.

Protecting Children

So far, nineteen states have enacted Help Not Harm legislation since 2020. That means those states now protect children from harmful and experimental transgender medical procedures – that is a blessing for which we praise God and are so very thankful!

Right now, the fate of the same bill critically hangs in the balance in North Carolina where the legislature may have enough votes to override the Governor’s recent veto. The vote has been delayed several times now, but we are hopeful that it will happen soon. Please join us in prayer for God’s perfect timing in North Carolina and that the Help Not Harm bill will be enacted there bringing us to twenty states protecting children from a one-way road to “transition” with more to come in 2024!

Battle for Life

In case you missed it, there is an epic battle happening in Congress right now with a few courageous members standing in the gap because the Biden Administration has allowed the Pentagon to pay for abortions, travel for abortions and time off for those who receive abortions. The Left is pushing this funding even though it is a direct violation of the long-standing Hyde Amendment which should prevent federal taxpayer dollars from ever funding abortion. The US House has passed several bills addressing this illegal practice.

The Senate, however, is seeking to pass bills that maintain abortion funding – specifically bills funding the defense of our nation. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is holding the line on this matter and has held back a number of bills and appointments until the Senate addresses these issues. Please join us in prayer that there will be strength in numbers, that life will prevail and that we can eliminate the abomination of using taxpayer money to fund abortion.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these matters.

In Him,

Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement