Super Tuesday Defines the ’24 Race. What’s next?

March 6

It wasn’t a surprising night, but it was massive nonetheless. Last night, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump each overwhelmed their remaining opposition in Super Tuesday contests around the nation, adding hundreds of delegates in the quest for their parties’ nominations.

President Biden swept the Democratic contests in 15 states. On the Republican side, only a Nikki Haley win in Vermont kept former President Trump from a clean sweep. As a result, Ambassador Haley is suspending her campaign today.

All of this means that, apart from a dramatic development, the November election will offer a repeat of the 2020 race: Biden vs. Trump.

If you are a voter in one of the Super Tuesday states, you had the chance to make your voice heard. But wherever you are, you can make your voice heard now by participating in the Social Conservative Straw Poll.

The groundwork has been laid for the presidential race, but so much is still to happen this election year. Most states still have primary elections to determine nominees for thousands of races – from state legislatures to governorships to congressional seats.

Please continue to stand with Family Policy Alliance and our state allies as we mobilize social conservatives and illuminate voters on where the candidates really stand.

Praying and Acting,

John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances