It didn’t take Greg Dolezal long to make a BIG impact. In just one term, Greg has emerged as one of brightest leaders and most reliable conservatives under the Gold Dome.

As a freshman Senator, Greg sponsored key school choice legislation, co-sponsored a bill to end discrimination against homeschool students, spoke for the Heartbeat Bill on the Senate floor, and has proven time and again that he’s willing to do the right thing, even it it’s politically inconvenient – standing alone or as one of the few against bad legislation.

I’ve had multiple House members tell me that they frequently check how Greg Dolezal votes on a given issue when a bill comes over from the Senate – seeing him as the one they trust to make the thoughtful, wise conservative decision.

Greg Dolezal is universally regarded as a star in the conservative movement who is innovative and principled. His faith is unshakeable, his family comes first, and his identity will never be about politics.

I’ll keep this short because I know your district is going to re-elect Greg – the results are self-evident and he’s done a phenomenal job. However, I didn’t want this election to pass by without you knowing how highly we regard your State Senator. I also want you to know how important it is that you send him back to the State Senate with a HUGE margin so that Stacey Abrams and her leftist pals know that Forsyth County will NEVER abandon the conservative values that have made it great.

Supporting Greg Dolezal,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

I am humbled to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia™ endorsement of Greg Dolezal as he seeks to represent Forsyth County in the State Senate.

Greg Dolezal is a conservative standout who will be a force for bettering our state in the senate. He possesses a deep understanding of a vast array of issues, a sincerity that is clearly seen, and a problem-solver’s mentality that will serve his district well. These traits stem from real-world experiences, and his commitment to the faith community and success in the business realm make him the ideal advocate for Forsyth families. We need a leader of his ability, determination, and fidelity to principles in the State Senate.

Few people have accomplished what Greg has been able to do. However, when talking with him, it quickly becomes apparent that he is most enthusiastic about the work he has done to reach people with the Gospel. Greg was integral in the formation and growth of Passion City Church, and he still produces the Passion Conferences. He also served as Tour Manager for Christian singer Chris Tomlin, putting on concerts that brought thousands closer to the Lord in worship.

In addition to his leadership in the faith community, Greg is a proven business innovator. He is a partner at Renewed Vision, a technology company that serves numerous high-profile clients, and the owner of Catalyst Nutraceuticals, which provides supplements for athletes and health-conscious consumers. Both companies are based in Forsyth and employ its residents.

Despite his hectic schedule, Greg is a devoted family man committed to improving his community. His love for his wife and 4 children is evident, and he keeps his faith at the center of his home. Moreover, he embodies service through active leadership in the community. He has served on the Planning Commission and participated in numerous other boards and activities. Because of his tireless efforts, Forsyth is a better place for his family and for yours.

Beyond his incredible accomplishments and character, I am excited about Greg’s commitment to conservative, pro-family policy. He is a strong advocate for our children, constitutional rights, and for freedom. Moreover, he understands the importance of the family, and our allies under the Gold Dome are thrilled with the prospect of Greg joining them to champion our values.

I don’t say this lightly, but Greg Dolezal is a difference maker. He is someone who will vote the right way, influence others, be a compelling spokesman for families, and quickly see his impact grow throughout Georgia. I am confident in saying that he will make Forsyth County proud, and he will deliver results for your family. Let’s work together to make our state a better place by sending Greg to the State Senate!

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director