Wisdom comes early to some. Despite his young age, Jacob Householder is a repository of wisdom, providing him with the foundation he needs to govern effectively on behalf of families when he is elected to the Idaho State Senate.

An avid student of the US Constitution and American founding history, Householder firmly holds to the first principles on which our nation and state were founded. He is an articulate champion for religious liberty, parental rights, and the right to life—and he is ready to put these ideas into action on behalf of his constituents in the Idaho State Senate.

District 34 voters know that Jacob Householder is the only “family values” candidate running to be their state senator. Householder understands that the family is the most fundamental unit of society. Without strong families, the virtues needed for society to flourish will give way to corruption. Idaho families need someone willing to stand boldly for them and provide true statesmanship—and Jacob Householder is the man for the job.

Standing with Jacob Householder,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy



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Every once and a while, I have the pleasure of working with a true statesman—someone who is determined to do the right thing for Idaho families, regardless of the storms of controversy that inevitably follow.

Rep. Julianne Young of Blackfoot, Idaho, is one of those true statesmen. A woman of conviction who entered politics out of concern for Idaho families, including her own family of ten, she has proven herself to be the advocate District 31 needs in the State House of Representatives.

Her colleagues recognize her as a thoughtful and principled leader. This is most clearly seen in her signature accomplishment, the Idaho Vital Statistics Act, which ensures the accuracy of government vital records by preventing changes to birth certificate sex markers based on “feelings” about gender identity.

This important law helps protect families. Law enforcement and criminal justice officials need accurate identification documents to do their jobs well—whether it is identifying criminals or keeping men out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and domestic violence shelters. Likewise, public health officials need accurate biological sex information to track the disparate impacts of diseases on men and women. The Idaho Vital Statistics Act will protect the sanctity of our public records—an effort that would have come up short without Rep. Young’s leadership.

Rep. Young was also responsible for a newly signed law that ensures K-12 students cannot access obscene material on library databases. Considering that students are stumbling upon obscene and pornographic material online at earlier and earlier ages, this law was especially needed to protect the innocence of our children at libraries.

She is a staunch advocate for life, having supported the legislative effort to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers by making them ineligible to receive local taxpayer monies. And she also supported Simon’s Law, which makes sure parents are notified before a doctor begins withdrawing life-sustaining treatment—including nutrition and hydration—from minor children.

Pro-family District 31 voters should look no further than Rep. Julianne Young. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is happy to endorse her, knowing that she is a great advocate for our values in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Standing with Rep. Julianne Young,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy



Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Idaho


I have had the privilege of working with Rep. Christy Zito this legislative session. The grandmother of eleven has proven herself to be a tireless and fearless advocate for Idaho families. We have no doubt that her tenacious advocacy will continue when she is elected to the Idaho State Senate—and for that reason, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is excited to endorse her.

Through her efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, Rep. Zito has proven herself to be one of the greatest defenders of preborn children in the legislature. Her compassion for babies in the womb is obvious to everyone who knows her.

Rep. Zito also demonstrated a phenomenal amount of courage when she sponsored HB465, the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which would have protected minor children from irreversible hormone therapies and sex reassignment surgeries. Although it did not pass this session, we believe it provides the pattern Idaho needs to follow if we are to protect children from the gender revolution that is sweeping our nation.

Rep. Zito cares deeply for children. I saw that every day I spent with her at the Capitol. But her compassion is fortified by her deep adherence to first principles that, when followed, help families flourish.

I know Rep. Christy Zito is the right person to represent District 23 in the Idaho State Senate. She is the pro-family candidate voters are looking for.

Standing with Rep. Christy Zito,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

The days are becoming shorter, the air a bit more crisp, and dew is already greeting us on our morning windshields. In Idaho this can only mean two things:  Fall and the legislative season are upon us.

In times of political elections, the stakes are high, and with the mid-terms less than 50 days away and a slew of impactful pieces of Idaho-specific legislation on the horizon, it’s imperative we rally the troops to engage one another and our law makers. Ultimately, we aim to have ballots cast influenced by biblical principles.

One of the most important, and perhaps simplest, ways to lock arms with fellow believers is to share our collective messaging on your social media platforms. It’s no secret social media platforms took center stage in the election process when our former president used them to reach young voters and win the presidency in 2008. This approach is dominant more than ever and to be effective and victorious In Idaho, we will need to duplicate similar efforts.

Social media allows you to spur action before, between, and during election cycles. Typically, people call for action during political seasons, why not engage with our decision makers all year round?  Our preferred candidates and parties and the issues we care deeply for need your vote and you can influence others.

Elected officials know these platforms are viable and necessary to their success. They also know they are an arena for public dialog. I encourage you to support legislators who share our biblical beliefs and boldly, yet civilly, ask questions to those who do not. Replies to questions directly on social media platforms can be powerful, yet an issue or concern left unanswered can make it seem as if a politician does not care about his or her constituency. Some legislators will respond by saying they will ‘private message’ you. As a good rule of thumb, ask them to respond directly on the platform for all to see.

Social media also effectively promotes mass civic participation offline. It’s a tremendous avenue to increase participation at town hall meetings, candidate meet-and-greets, etc.  As an example, Eventbrite saw a 30 percent increase in political activist events in 2017, with the number of people participating in those events nearly doubling—up 93 percent from 2016. As you can see it’s here prominently and works.

Therefore, I call upon our supporters to accomplish a few easy tasks as we gear up for the 2019 legislative season. If you have not done so already, please ‘Like’ the Family Policy Alliance of Idaho on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. There are links at the bottom of the page. Similarly, ‘Share’ or ‘ReTweet’ our messaging and also invite your sphere of influence to do the same. Collectively, these are effective ways to ensure we see an Idaho where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!

Congratulations to Lt. Governor Brad Little for his Gubernatorial primary victory over challengers Congressman Raul Labrador and businessman Dr. Tommy Ahlquist. The Republican primary concluded with Little receiving over 37% of the vote compared to Labrador’s nearly 33%, followed by Ahlquist at 26%.

In April, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho hosted the Lt. Governor and his rivals for a citizen’s forum where each of the candidates was asked a series of questions focused primarily on their stances on important family and social issues, as well as how best to lead the nation’s third fastest growing state and Boise, the nation’s leading growth city. While Family Policy Alliance of Idaho ultimately endorsed Congressman Labrador for Governor, Little’s responses to our questionnaire and at the citizen’s forum very closely aligned him with the critical family values Idahoans hold dear.

Specifically, Lt. Governor Little was asked if—and he affirmed that—he would use his office to advance a culture of life in Idaho, recognizing rights for the unborn from the moment of conception and protecting life till natural end. Little strongly stated that, “Idaho does not use state dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and abortion, and it will stay that way when I’m Governor.” He also promised to not conduct research on human embryos.

When asked about protecting religious liberty in Idaho—especially for business owners who express their views about faith and marriage—the Lt. Governor responded that, “Idaho enacted a religious freedom restoration act several years back, and I would consider any legislation that further protects these First Amendment freedoms.” This includes Little’s stance in opposition to the Obama Administration’s overreach in “gender equality law” that would have forced schools to permit men and boys in girls’ locker rooms, restrooms and showers.

Brad Little also affirmed that parents should have the opportunity to educate their children in the school of their choice and indicated his support for education savings accounts, tax credits and scholarship programs to enable that choice. Little also indicated his strong support for public schools in providing quality public education for parents who choose that route for their children.

Lt. Governor Little will face democrat opponent, former representative Paulette Jordan, who received an endorsement from abortion giant Planned Parenthood as well as from the emerging anti-Trump group Indivisible, which seeks to promote progressive policy.

Because of his strong stance for life, for family, for parental rights and for religious liberty, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho supports for Brad Little as the next Governor if Idaho, and we encourage you to support him as well.

Standing for the family of believers in Idaho,

Paul Weber
President & CEO