We’ve made great strides for our values in Georgia, and all of that was made possible because pro-family believers like you have turned out in force to elect those who would stand for what’s right.

That’s why we’re so excited that Jim Quinn has stepped forward to run for State House in District 152.

Jim Quinn is an unabashed pro-life, Christian conservative who will build on the success of the Heartbeat Bill, fearlessly defend religious freedom, and protect our children from the radical leftist agenda. As we fight for the conservative principles we share, proudly stand with Governor Kemp, and work for a stronger Georgia, I know Jim Quinn will be a strong partner and ally.

I’m so proud of the direction our state is headed, and, under the leadership of Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan, I know we are just getting started. With Jim Quinn as your representative, you will have a strong voice to put Georgians first and fight for our values.

As a special election, the eyes of the state are on what you do on December 3rd. I fully encourage you to research the race and come to your conclusions. However, I’m excited to see how Jim Quinn has run his campaign – as someone who embraces faith, boldly articulates a pro-life, pro-family position, and is even willing to fight against the leftist agenda to put boys on girls sports team and in their bathrooms.

All people of faith should devote the time to making their voice heard in early voting or on December 3rd. We are counting on you!

For our families,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia