Let’s Keep Winning!

September 20

The Left is losing their minds over what has happened in Georgia. Just a few years ago, they loved where they sat in the state. Major pro-life legislation stood no chance, the governor had vetoed legislation protecting basic First Amendment rights, the number of true statesmen who were willing to challenge the status quo were few and far between, and liberals were gaining ground.

No more!

Because of your commitment to us and to the strong, bold leadership we now enjoy in this state, we are winning. And, the
Left is furious!

They are now recycling failed candidates like Jon Ossoff, frantically searching for a candidate to run against the Kemp appointment to Johnny Isakson’s seat, turning to a cheesy memo from failed-candidate Stacey Abrams for their strategy, and scurrying to New York and San Francisco to beg for millions to fight against the most pro-family piece of legislation ever to become law in Georgia (the Heartbeat Bill).

Now is not the time to sit back and wait for their pushback. We must maintain the offensive, “Keep Choppin,” and commit to continuing to win for Georgia families.

That’s why we need your help to reach an important goal.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about what we were trying to achieve before September 30th – the end of our fiscal year. We received a strong outpouring of support, and today we are just $11,760 away from reaching a mark that will position us strongly for 2020 – so that we can keep winning, keep training and supporting statesmen, keep changing hearts and minds, and keep taking bold action for what’s right!

Will you help us keep winning with a generous gift today?

Our state has more pro-family momentum than ever before, but it can all vanish in one election cycle. We can rapidly lose ground with losses
at the ballot box, failing to intentionally develop statesmen, refusing to fight the big fights, and neglecting to keep the Church awake and alert.

As we conclude our 2019 fiscal year on September 30th, I’m incredibly proud of the growth of this organization and the victories we’ve achieved. Yet, I’m looking forward to a 2020 that’s even more aspirational, with even more opportunities, and an even higher calling. I look forward to, with your help, entering next year with the fuel needed to keep winning!