Helpful VA Election Resource for You and Your Friends

October 27

In just days, the most watched election in America will be decided as voting comes to an end on November 2nd.  As a proud lifelong resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am eager to cast my vote and have my say in the Commonwealth’s future–I hope you will vote as well, if you haven’t already. And I hope you will encourage others to vote too.

To that end, I am sharing with you a helpful resource from our friends and allies at The Family Foundation. Their 2021 Virginia Voter Guide covers key races from the Governor to the Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General. The more people know about the races and the candidates, the more they are empowered and motivated to make their voice heard in this critical race with both local and national consequences.

With the Governor’s race in a dead heat, this looks like another Virginia election that could be decided by a single vote per precinct. And that turnout will affect other races on down the line, like the election for Delegate in District 68, where Statesmen Academy alum Mark Earley is seeking to win a pivotal legislative seat.

With so much at stake for Virginia and the nation, thanks for voting and for spreading the word! To that end, we also encourage you to join us in praying earnestly over this race and the future of our Virginia. May God bless you and our great Commonwealth!

For Virginia,

Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm III
Public Policy Director