TODAY: Hope for LGBT Neighbors

June 7

In the past week, you’ve likely seen “Pride month” displays from companies, in public spaces, and online. It’s a month where so many are celebrating an identity founded in sexual sin and struggle, often seeing this identity as “just who I am.”

But in the midst of it all, God is at work.

Today, we’re honored to share a moving conversation with two guests who have seen firsthand the power and grace of God to heal and bring them out of the LGBT movement.


They Left the LGBT Movement
A Conversation with Ken Williams and Kathy Grace Duncan

Tuesday, June 7

2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT

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Ken Williams is the co-founder of the CHANGED Movement, which in its own words, “highlights the beautiful and compelling stories of men and women whose journeys with Jesus drew them out of LGBTQ.” This is Ken’s own story. It began, as he describes it, “when my battle against homosexuality grew into intentions of suicide.” Today, join us to hear his story of redemption!
  Kathy Grace Duncan leads the Women and Transgender ministries at Portland Fellowship. As Kathy Grace tells her story, “I hated being a woman. I hated everything about it. I was very detached from my emotions. Even as a kid, it felt like I just existed. … My hatred for being a woman made me desperate, so I decided I wanted to live as a man. And I did, for 11 years.” Today, hear Kathy Grace share how the Lord worked in her heart and life!


Whether you or a loved one struggles with your sexual identity, you’re hoping to understand what’s happening for those who do, or you just want to hear testimonies of God’s grace, today’s conversation is a must-watch. You’ll leave encouraged and inspired. Don’t miss it!

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Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy


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