ARKANSAS: This November, Vote For Religious Freedom, Against Marijuana

October 20

Arkansas voters face two very important ballot measures in the November election.

Our allies in Arkansas at the Family Council Action Committee have provided the information below, and we wanted to forward it to you.

For more information please reach out to Family Council Action Committee.

The Family Policy Alliance Team


Dear Friends,

This November we are urging Arkansans to vote for Issue 3, the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment, and against Issue 4, the amendment to legalize marijuana.

Issue 3 protects the God-given right to religious freedom for everyone in Arkansas. The Arkansas Legislature voted last year to place Issue 3 on the ballot. Issue 3 is modeled after a religious freedom amendment Alabama passed in 1998 and after a state law that Arkansas passed in 2015.

Religious freedom is under attack, and Arkansas has no specific protection for religious liberty in its state constitution. Issue 3 will protect the free exercise of religion for future generations of Arkansans.

Issue 4 legalizes marijuana in Arkansas. It’s hard to believe an amendment this bad is actually on the ballot. Issue 4 was crafted by marijuana industry insiders. They wrote it. They worked to place it on the ballot. They are spending millions of dollars right now to persuade Arkansans to vote for it.

If Issue 4 passes, Arkansas will have one of the least regulated cannabis industries in America. State and local officials will be powerless to restrict marijuana or raise taxes on it. A handful of businesses and bureaucrats will control marijuana. Issue 4 is the kind of crony politics that Arkansans are sick of.

As you head to the polls in a few days, please remember to vote for Issue 3, the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment, and against Issue 4, the marijuana amendment. If you have any questions about either measure, you can contact the Family Council Action Committee office in Little Rock at (501) 375-7000.


Jerry Cox
xecutive Director
Family Council Action Committee