Election 2022: Voter Guides & Your Family’s Plan

October 25

Your family is the only thing standing in the way of Woke DC’s takeover of America.


The midterm election is now two weeks away. Has your family put together an action plan for the 2022 election? Do you know how you’ll vote on the races on your ballot?

We’d love to share our helpful resources with you!

Check out our Election 2022 headquarters, complete with an Election Action Plan for Families.

Election Action Plan for Families


Make sure you’re registered to vote and know
where & when you’ll vote. Go to Voter Tools


Find out where the candidates on your ballot stand on the issues. Go to voter resources US map and click on your state. These include voter guides for your state produced by the alliance of state family policy councils we host.
Be sure to have your state’s voter guide handy when you fill out your ballot!


Share with your children and friends about the importance of voting. Also be sure to take our exclusive straw poll where you can share your view on who should be the next president. (The poll closes on Election Eve, so plan to participate by then!)


Pray for your leaders and the outcome of the election! You can sign up to join our prayer list and see what we have been praying about over the past two years HERE.


Be sure to vote for the candidates most closely aligned with your values and Biblical truth.

Woke DC needs your money to fund their bloated bureaucracy. They need your daughters to become sons. They need your children—if they can’t convince you to abort them—to bow to the idol they’ve made of the LGBT agenda. And they need your vote to stay in power. Don’t give it to them.

Casting our light—and my vote—with you,

Autumn Leva,
Senior Vice President, Strategy