A Veto (Or 5) Won’t Stop #HelpNotHarm!

February 1

We just hit yet another milestone! Ohio recently joined the Help Not Harm movement by passing legislation that protects minors from dangerous and irreversible transgender procedures. Help Not Harm bills have now been passed in 21 states across the country!

Despite being vetoed by several governors, Help Not Harm bills have persevered. A total of 5 states have successfully overridden their governor’s veto of the bill – that’s unheard of! They are Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio.

To talk about this great success, Joseph Kohm will be joined on our podcast today by Jerry Cox of Arkansas Family Council and David Walls of The Family Foundation in Kentucky.

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Is your state a Help Not Harm state? Check out our map!

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Emma Rarden
Digital Specialist, Producer