Three phrases that don’t belong together: government-funded, transgender interventions, for minors. You read that right: the government is paying to help John look like Jane. And, in the state of Pennsylvania, it amounts to more than $16.7 million in taxpayer dollars.

Join us TODAY to hear from our state ally Pennsylvania Family Institute about this shocking discovery, and what else they learned when they filed a right-to-know request in their state.

EXPOSED: This State Spent Millions on Transgender Procedures
A Conversation with Dan Bartkowiak

Wednesday, November 2
4:30 pm ET / 3:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm MT / 1:30 pm PT

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Even as the movement is growing to protect children from dangerous transgender interventions, some states are pushing their youth onto puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even irreversible surgeries. Throughout the United States, kids are at risk.

Join us today to learn what’s really going on.

See you soon,

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy

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Late last night, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed a bill into law that is a potential threat to any family in every other state.

This hours-old California law lets the state of California take custody of children from other states in order to do gender transition procedures – including puberty blockers, sterilizing cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries – all without the parents’ knowledge or consent.

Essentially, it creates a transgender sanctuary that will serve as a magnet for minors whose parents won’t allow them to mutilate their bodies. This new law essentially brings the ultimate cancel culture right to the front door of every parent in the nation.

It also means that California has become the official state sponsor for transgederism’s cultish targeting of children in 49 other states.

The threat is real – and it is nationwide!

Family Policy Alliance is working right now to bolster state laws to protect against this radical threat. And we’re working with allies on Capitol Hill for a federal response – since this is a threat that crosses state lines.

Will you stand with us? We need your help for the huge state-by-state fight ahead!

California politicians have taken their swing. Now it’s our turn to bat. Will you stand with us?


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO

P.S. If you live in California – as so many good people do – please do not lose heart! We are working closely (even late last night and this morning) with our allies at California Family Council. Wherever you live – blue state, red state or in between – keep shining the light and standing strong!


Dear Friends,

We have an urgent request for your help. In just days, the comment period will close for a radical rule the Biden Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is pushing. If enacted, the rule would require any healthcare entity that participates in ObamaCare to provide abortions and gender transition procedures—and require federal health insurance plans to cover them. The rule modifies section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) by removing Trump Administration policies to force federal health insurance plans to cover abortion and elective gender transition procedures.

We need your help to stop this latest effort from Woke DC!

Your voice can make a difference! Right now, you can submit a comment on this proposed rule urging Biden’s HHS to rescind the rule.


The proposed rule also rescinds the Trump-era Conscience Protection ensuring that the rights of healthcare providers who oppose abortion and gender transition procedures on moral or religious grounds would not be violated. Biden’s HHS seeks to put these providers in their crosshairs with this rule and run roughshod over their First Amendment freedoms.

This comment period is only open until 11:59 pm ET Monday, October 3, so we need you to act fast!

Please submit a public comment opposing this dangerous rule! Tell the HHS you STRONGLY OPPOSE using our healthcare system to promote abortion and gender transitions (even on children)—and disregarding any providers who prefer not to provide those procedures.

We’ve provided some comments for you to use, but the more personal you can make your comments, the better! The federal rulemaking process requires the Administration to respond to “unique” comments, so use our sample comments to make yours as individualized and specific as possible!

For example:

Tell HHS how this will impact your doctor.

Tell HHS how this policy violates the conscience rights of healthcare providers.

Tell HHS how this will impact your healthcare.

Tell HHS how this will endanger women through the spread of abortion.

Tell HHS how this harm children through dangerous gender transition procedures.

Tell HHS that abortion and dangerous gender transitions are NOT healthcare.

Please SHARE this information with your family and friends–every comment can help slow down and may even stop this rule!


Standing with you,

Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm III
Director of Public Policy

Your daughter says she wants to “transition” to living as a boy. As a wise and loving parent, you graciously but firmly say “no.”

What happens next?

If a new bill becomes law in California, your daughter could flee to California and seek transgender drugs and surgery, getting court protection to do so – all without your consent.

According to California Family Council (our state ally leading the charge against this bill):

“Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, SB 107, would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or mental healthcare. The bill calls these treatments ‘gender-affirming care.’

Courts would also be instructed to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody, if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

All that stands between now and that reality? A governor’s signature. This is a serious threat to parental rights and to the well-being of struggling children across America.

Please sign our open letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom NOW asking him to veto this bill! This is not just a California issue—this is a parents’ issue and this is a child protection issue.

Many times we hear about radical anti-family policies advancing in California. The rest of the nation breathes a sigh of relief that they don’t live in California. Maybe they even live in Arkansas, the first state to bravely stand in the gap for children and prohibit “transitioning” on minors. But if this bill passes in California, it won’t matter where we live. California is brazenly attempting to insert its radical policies into the rest of the nation—even rubber-stamping the kidnapping of your kids for the purpose of dangerous gender transition to do it.

Governor Newsom could sign this any day – time is working against us.

Sign onto our letter NOW – it takes less than a minute, and this is a critical threat to parental rights!

Standing with you,

Craig DeRoche
CEO and President






A daughter in Arkansas says she wants to “transition” to living as a boy. Her wise and loving parents graciously but firmly say “no.”

What happens next?

If a new bill becomes law in California, that daughter could seek transgender drugs and surgery, getting court protection to do so – all without her parents’ consent.

According to California Family Council (our state ally leading the charge against this bill):

“Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, SB 107, would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or mental healthcare. The bill calls these treatments ‘gender-affirming care.’

Courts would also be instructed to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody, if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

This is a serious threat to parental rights and children’s health and well-being in every state. All that stands between now and that becoming a reality? Our governor’s signature.

Please send a message to California Governor Gavin Newsom NOW and ask him to veto this bill!

Our legislature is determined to make California a gender transition orphanage for the rest of the country—stripping parents in other states of their rightful and protective custody of their children.

Governor Newsom could sign this dangerous bill any day – time is working against us.

Send your message NOW using the form below. It takes less than a minute, and this is a critical threat to parental rights!

Standing with you,

Craig DeRoche
CEO and President

President Biden released a budget plan that refers to mothers as “birthing people.”

The President’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed she couldn’t define “woman” because she’s “not a biologist” during her official confirmation hearings to become a justice on our nation’s highest Court.

Nancy Pelosi, in her authority as Speaker of the House, continues to push woke legislation that erases women as a distinct category of people in language and law—and opens up women’s sports, prisons, locker rooms, and more to men.

It seems that the woke political ruling class needs help defining what a “woman” is.

Thankfully, yesterday, in a bicameral effort, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R—AZ) and the House Republican Study Committee led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) introduced the Women’s Bill of Rights Resolution, H.Res 1136. Senator Cindy-Hyde Smith introduced the Senate version of the resolution, S.Res 644. The resolution simply defines “woman” as a biological female and reinforces the need to maintain differences between females and males in federal law.

Setting aside for a moment how stunning it is that we have to define what a woman is for extreme political elites, this Resolution is an important step forward in restoring the dignity of women, mothers, daughters, female athletes, and more in our nation.


President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and their allies are leading us all toward an America we don’t recognize. And certainly not an America I want my two young daughters to grow up in—where their own country doesn’t even know how to define “woman.”

I don’t trust today’s political leaders to protect and empower my daughters. If “woman” means nothing, then sports and educational opportunities for women mean nothing, protections against sexual and other violence for women mean nothing, and women’s achievements mean nothing.

I will not stand by while a woke political agenda threatens to erase my daughters from their own country and laws intended to protect them. Will you join me?

Urge your Members of Congress to support the Women’s Bill of Rights now!

For my daughters and their generation,

Autumn Leva
Senior VP of Strategy


Save Girls SportsP.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow Rep. Greg Steube’s (R—FL) “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” to come to the House floor for a vote. The bill would ensure that girls’ sports are reserved only for girls.  Rep. Jim Banks and the Republican Study Committee released a “discharge petition” that would allow the bill to be voted on—without the need to get Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s permission. The discharge petition is another important effort in the fight to maintain protections for women and girls in the law. If you haven’t urged your Representative to sign onto the discharge petition, please send your message instantly today through our action center! You are making a difference: Already, 183 representatives have signed on, and only 218 are needed to bring the bill to the floor for a vote!

Help the woke political ruling class know how to define
what a “woman” is by filling out the form below!

Next month, the Biden Administration plans to make an announcement that could force schools to let males become women’s sports champions. Here’s how it will happen: the Biden Administration plans to propose a rule that will turn Title IX into the Equality Act for public schools. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Education wants to redefine “sex” in Title IX to include “sexual orientation and gender identity.” This rule will likely apply to every public school, college, and university.

Title IX is a law that was intended to ensure females have equal access to educational opportunities with males, and it helped make girls’ and women’s sports the robust environments they are today. But the Biden Administration wants to redefine federal law to erase these opportunities for women and girls.

This proposed rule will likely:

What can you do? Get ready to push back against this rule. The Department of Education is required to allow the public to comment on the proposed rule. Your voice can make a difference!


First, watch this video with Roger Severino, Vice President of Domestic Policy at the Heritage Foundation, as he explains more about what the upcoming Title IX rule will do and how the comment process works. We were honored to sit down with Roger recently to talk about what this all means for you – plus, what’s happening behind the scenes.


Biden’s Attack on Girls Sports (and what you can do about it)

A Conversation with Roger Severino

1 pm ET / 12 pm CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT

Join on Facebook or YouTube

(Seeing this late? You can still join at the links above!)

Second, watch for an upcoming email from Family Policy Alliance that will let you know when the proposed rule has been published. We will include a link for to submit your comment directly to the Federal Register.

Third, share this information with your friends! The more voices speaking out on this important issue, the more we will make a difference!

Stay tuned for more updates!

For women and girls,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

You, along with parents and pro-family lawmakers across the country, brought the Biden Administration into complete meltdown status this week—and Disney to full damage control. Why? Because the pro-family movement across the states is gaining traction, and the DC elites and woke corporation don’t know how to handle it.

In the past month alone, Iowa, Utah, Oklahoma and Arizona all have new laws to keep sports fair and ensure that girls’ sports are reserved only for girls. Now 14 states have laws protecting young female athletes. This became especially important after the nation witnessed the NCAA throw female athletes under the bus in permitting Lia Thomas, a biological male, to compete against—and take medals and finalist spots from—female swimmers. The Utah legislature even overrode their Republican governor’s veto of their save girls’ sports bill to ensure their female athletes are protected. The Indiana legislature will have the opportunity to do the same thing soon.

Just this week, Arizona signed into law a bill that protects children from irreversible “gender transition” surgeries—such as double mastectomies on young girls. The new law will give Arizona’s children an opportunity to grow up and resolve any struggles with how they perceive their bodies, without leaving lasting physical and emotional scars.

In Florida, after a showdown between Disney and Governor DeSantis, the Governor signed into law a bill that protects young children in kindergarten through third grade from sexualized instruction and reinforces the rights parents have to know what’s going on with their children at school. The media framed this as the “don’t say gay” bill, and the Walt Disney Company applied immense pressure in the state to try to stop the bill—turning against their own family consumers.

In the end, Governor DeSantis and Florida families, especially children, won. Polling consistently shows that Americans, Floridians, and even Florida Democrat voters strongly support the new law. This is surprising to the radical Left that continues to pedal a radical sexual ideology, but it shouldn’t be. Parents know to act in the best interest of their children.

Disney is learning they took the wrong side in this debate. And, they’re also dealing with leaked videos of their executives proudly planning to embed sexual themes into children’s shows and some of their employees arrested in a human trafficking sting. Now Florida’s duly elected leaders—including Governor DeSantis—are considering repealing a 50-year-old law that allows Disney to “govern itself” in its parks in Florida.

To sum up, American families and state legislatures are pushing back against the harmful woke ideology that claims a child can be “born in the wrong body” and that young children should be taught sexual themes in school. You are making a difference!

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration had a full-on meltdown yesterday in response to these strong state laws and the pushback against their woke agenda. They proudly flew the “transgender flag” from the Department of Health and Human Services while putting out a series of messages calling these state efforts to protect female athletes and children “extreme” and “harmful.”

Since when is believing that girls’ sports should be fair and only for girls “extreme”?

The truth is that you are the main obstacle holding back the Biden Administration’s agenda. Your voice to protect children, your stand for girls’ sports, and your advocacy in your own state is what’s slowed down the woke agenda. The Biden Administration’s number one priority was to pass a sweeping LGBT law forcing radical sexual ideology in every aspect of American law and life—and silencing dissenters. That law remains stalled out, lacking support, while more and more states fight to save girls’ sports and protect children from gender ideology in their schools and doctor’s offices.

Our stand together to protect children has been strong, and the White House knows it. That’s why the Biden Administration is fighting so hard, despite a lack of support from the American people, to force their agenda.

It’s been a good week for families—especially for children. This momentum would not happen without you. From the bottom of our hearts, the Family Policy Alliance team wants to thank you for partnering with us, raising your voice, and fighting to protect children.

Standing with you,

Autumn Leva
Exec. Vice President, Strategy


P.S. Many more states continue to advance strong legislation to protect children and young women athletes. Family Policy Alliance and the alliance we host of state family policy councils will need to rally support for these bills to get across the finish line. We also expect new regulations from the Biden Administration that will harmfully impact children—especially girls—to be released at any time. Please prayerfully consider a generous gift to support our ministry as we fight for legal protections for families and children!










from the second i woke up in the operating room i knew it was a mistake. … everyone was congratulating me and saying how happy they were for me, but i didn’t share their enthusiasm. it felt like I had just jumped off a cliff and everybody else was standing on the cliff, looking at me on the rocks below, and clapping. my mom took a picture right after i got out of surgery – of me with the bandages wrapped around my chest… i was literally crying because it was so horribly painful.”


There is no other way to describe these words from an anonymous 15-year-old girl who described herself as the “youngest patient” on whom her doctor had ever performed a double mastectomy.

The reason she went through this? At the time, she thought she should be a boy.

Now, just 9 months post-operation she sees the truth that “I wasn’t a man, I wasn’t male…” and she feels, in her own words, “chagrined.”

And she’s not alone.

About two years ago, Irreversible Damage author Abigail Shrier wrote in her book about a social media (Reddit) page for detransitioners – people who “transitioned” to living as the opposite sex and have since reversed course. At the time that Shrier wrote, the thread had 7,000 members. Today, the group has almost 30,000 members.

Today is Detrans Awareness Day, a day launched in part by an English girl named Keira Bell.

Keira was just 15 when she began conversations to pursue transgender interventions. In her own words:

“After a series of superficial conversations with social workers, I was put on puberty blockers at age 16. A year later, I was receiving testosterone shots. When 20, I had a double mastectomy. By then, I appeared to have a more masculine build, as well as a man’s voice, a man’s beard, and a man’s name: Quincy, after Quincy Jones.”

Over time, Keira came to regret her decision, and eventually to detransition – and even to pursue a lawsuit against the clinic that provided her chemical and surgical interventions. This week, a report revealed that the clinic’s services were “not a safe or viable long-term option” for minors.

At Family Policy Alliance, we believe that minors should be protected from transgender interventions across the board. These interventions can result in sterilization, permanent voice and appearance changes, scarring, and more. No child should make that choice.

That’s why we launched our Help Not Harm campaign: We want to help hurting kids and bring them the hope they need, not harm them with hormones and surgeries.

Last year, Arkansas became the first state to protect minors from transgender interventions. We want to see similar protections across the United States. If you agree, visit our Help Not Harm Summit to learn more about the truth of this issue – and find out what you can do to help.

For the least of these,

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy

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A young girl says she feels like she was born in the wrong body: she “knows” that she is actually a boy.

When she visits a therapist or another medical professional, she may be referred for radical, experimental, and life-altering “treatments.” This could include using medication off-label in order to stop the natural progression of puberty. As she enters adolescence, she could be placed on cross-sex hormones and even (eventually) referred for surgeries including a double mastectomy.

In some states, these referrals may happen without her parent’s knowledge, much less consent. And wherever they happen, there’s a deeper problem: No amount of surgeries or hormones will heal a hurting heart. In fact, these “treatments” are likely to leave behind scars both physical and emotional.

Yet in most states, there is no law specifically protecting her as a minor – a child – from these sorts of interventions.

We want to change that.

Last spring, Arkansas became the first state to legally protect minors from harmful gender transition procedures. Tennessee also passed a version of these protections in 2021.

Now, it’s time for other states to follow suit. Our vision is that this kind of dangerous intervention would become unthinkable across the United States – and at the same time, that hurting children would be able to receive real help and counseling to help them live as healthy and whole people.

In short, it’s a vision for help, not harm.

But our opposition is determined. From the Biden Administration in Washington to leaders at the local school level, activists want to guide children toward questioning their biology and pursuing transgender interventions.

Protecting our children will take every one of us.

So what can you do?

  1. Get the facts.At Family Policy Alliance, we’ve created several resources to equip you. Each of the links below provides you with a unique way to learn more. Just click the links that best describe your interests.I want to learn… 
  2. Contact your elected officials.Your elected leaders need to hear that you stand behind them when they protect children – and that you’re paying attention when they don’t. We encourage you to contact them with the message that you want them to protect minors from transgender interventions. You can find your elected officials’ contact information here.Stay tuned to FPA’s email alerts for opportunities to weigh in on specific legislation in your state legislature and Congress.
  3. Get involved in your state.One way you can get involved is with the family policy council standing for families right in your state. Find yours here. Don’t see your state listed? Let us know if you are interested in helping to start one in your state.

One thing is crystal clear: a child who believes she must alter her body in order to be comfortable in it is a child who is deeply hurting.

The last thing we should do? Hurt her even more.

Will you help us protect children?


Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

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